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Guerrilla grannies knit the city.

When Granny comes to visit she always leaves behind one more beautiful hand-knitted jumper for the children. Granny’s jumpers are stitched with love, and each one  grows into a worn and torn  time-capsule marking an era of Little C or Little M’s life.

While some Grannies are knitting one and purling one  for the grandkids, there are others with something a little different in mind. Guerrilla grannies are hitting the streets – or have the grandkids taken matters into their own hands?

toasty little petrol pumps (via kitschcraft)

Granny square guerilla knitting

Guerrillas bring down the bus... (via hustonpress)

warming the wharf (via kitschcraft) guerilla art

warming the wharf (via kitschcraft)

don't get a chill while you chat... ( © Knit the City)

knitting for peace (via skynews) guerilla knitting

grannies stitch the war to an end (via skynews)