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Moselle Clothing goes Fairtrade


Moselle Clothing (QLD) has announced that it has formally committed to using fair trade cotton in all future t-shirt ranges – and it’s music to our ethical little ears!

Moselle was founded as a social business to provide a better life and a genuine alternative for women rescued from sex trafficking in Asia  – and you can now have confidence that not only their seamstresses but everyone in their supply chain has been treated ethically, and is getting a better deal.

Yep, we love Fairtrade – who couldn’t or wouldn’t?

Congratulations to Moselle for taking the big leap, and inspiring others to do the same. Three big cheers to you!

Check out the Fairtrade Australia website to find out how you can support workers around the world, or how to bring your label up to fair trade standards.

Happy Fairtrade Fortnight to you all!

Jen x


Interview: Sandra Dumais + Giveaway!

Canadian designer Sandra Dumais talks to us from her home and studio in Montreal about starting up organic baby range Moon! and Sparrow, the challenges of running a new business, and the freedom that comes with departing from a traditional working life…

[Le Renard! Organic Onesie in Mustard]

[Le Castor! Organic Onesie in Cinder Grey]

This week’s giveaway is compliments of the lovely Sandra Dumais.

Just leave a comment here telling us who the special little person is you’d like to slip into to one of these Organic Cotton Onesies, and the size/s you’d like – and they could both be yours!

(both available in sizes 3-6, 6-12, 12-18 months)

Share Moon! and Sparrow’s giveaway on Twitter and / or Facebook, post the link here and voila! – another entry.

Good luck!

Jen x

**Entries now closed**

The first Ethical Fashion boutique in Australia!

The lovely, innovative and inspirational Bhakti has just launched Australia’s first not-for-profit ethical design boutique. I wasn’t able to get to the launch, but Meredith Nadine was, and she took these great pics.

The store looks amazing…

…and I hear the organic wine went down well too.

In addition to my previous adoration, the lady sure has great [ethical] style! A big congratulations to you Bhakti.

For more pics and a great article, head over to Meredith Nadine’s Blog.

not for profit ethical fashion

not for profit ethical fashion

Ethical Trade – no greenwash here…

Consumers have twigged onto the innate beauty of ethical products in a big way. This in turn has brought the term ‘green wash’ well and truly into the modern vernacular.

With marketing being what it is, ethical slogans are attached to products that may not warrant such high accolades – but how do we wade through all the greenwash to find genuinely ethical gear?

Looking for well known certification labels (Ethical Clothing Australia, Fairtrade, WRAP) makes it easy, but what about all the divine labels and products that don’t fit under a ‘certified’ umbrella?

The Queensland Fair Trade Association is currently looking at a new set of criteria for products that fall into this category, the lovely world of handmade is ‘ethical’ by the very nature of what it is, and Bluecaravan is bringing together an extraordinary group of ethical designers to make it easy for you to buy the things you love – and to feel good about what you buy.

Check out these gorgeous [ethically & fairly traded] products from our site:

Alpaca Throw Blanket by Mayu

Alpaca Throw Blanket by Mayu (Peru)

Recycled Poster Bowl by The Dharma Door (Bangladesh)

Recycled Poster Bowl by The Dharma Door (Bangladesh)

Lotus Big Pocket Skirt by Beej

Lotus Big Pocket Skirt by Beej (India)

Bloomers by Babushka Baby (India)

Deco Print Bloomers by Babushka Baby (India)

Ethical Design Marketplace – launched!

Bluecaravan has hitched itself onto the online marketplace and we are ready to go! The checkout is now happening (yes it took a while…) and the sales are coming in thick and fast. Yee ha!

Thanks to all the ethical shopping punters who have patiently scoured our site, dreamed of all it’s loveliness, and eagerly hit the paypal button when we flicked the switch. Those little packages, all wrapped in a warm glow, are on the way to their new homes…

Help us out by linking to our site, blogging about the wonderful world of ethical shopping, and telling all your friends to have a snoop.

We are continually heart-warmed by the enormous support that is coming our way.

Bluecaravan will be making their debut at the ‘Ethics on Toast’ Q & A at this year’s Exchange for Change (Carriageworks July 29-31), but more about that later.

…in the meantime here are some of my current faves on the site:

Jen x

Sail Away Boats by Flying Star Toys

Sail Away Boats by Flying Star Toys

Drop Earrings by Honey Bee

Drop Earrings by Honey Bee

Discover Dress by Andie Meredith

Discover Dress by Andie Meredith

Bright Ideas Notebook by Larara

Bright Ideas Notebook by Larara