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Meet Di Stitt + GIVEAWAY!

With a love of fashion and a vision to support economic development in African communites, Di Stitt created ethical fashion & accessories label One Colour. Di tells us how starting her business was simply a walk in the park… 

{Magdalene Coat}

 One Colour is an ethical fashion, accessories and gifts brand sourcing mainly from Africa.  The primary aim of our business is to create sustainable employment in Africa, which will ultimately have a positive impact on extreme local poverty. With on-going employment people can make plans for their futures and the futures of their family.

Our range is unique, not just in our shared vision, but through sourcing and producing within Africa we have created an ever evolving range that has an African edge and is made with integrity.

{Abigail PVII Dress}

 In 2007 we met a woman in South Africa who said “I don’t know why we fight each other. If you cut us we all bleed the one colour” – she was telling us about the difficulties they face in her wider community, and this conversation has had an enourmous impact on me and my own family – and was the seed that saw the birth of our brand One Colour. One Colour stands for the innate sameness that lies underneath the colour of our skin.

One Colour could be described as timeless and elegant, with just a hint of Africa.  I design the range in Australia with Libby Andersen, and we design with the Australian woman mind.  Because we source almost everything from within Africa, we are also influenced by the beautiful, vibrant traditional fabrics and beading techniques. We are equally inspired by the amazing, dignified women who work to make our products with love and care.

{Lizabeth Dress}

How did we start the business? The business ‘arrived’ early one morning after a brainstorming session with the family as we were walking through the Botanical Gardens in Brisbane…

Did I mention I’m a U2 tragic? I was inspired by reading a book by Bono (U2) whose wife started the clothing label Edun – which was founded on a commitment to encourage trade with Africa. I also had several conversations in the preceding years with missionaries in Africa who had witnessed first-hand the positive power that employment can have on helping to raise people out of poverty. It is very satisfying to know that One Colour is more than just another label, we are part of a growing number of designers demonstrating our commitment to Africa.

My advice to emerging designers? Keep your vision front and centre. It’s easy to get distracted by all the other things flying around.

one colour

 {Judith Skirt}

To ensure the authentity of our vision with One Colour I work hard to establish relationships with those I partner with in Africa. We travel to Africa every year to see for ourselves that people receive a real living wage plus entitlements and that they work in a clean, safe environment.

I am also looking at ways to incorporate more sustainable or organic fabrics into the next and subsequent ranges. At the moment the range is made with cotton grown by small scale farmers in Africa. They rely on seasonal rains rather than intense irrigation to grow their crops, which is good know, given that cotton is one of the thirstiest crops around.  I also want to introduce eco-friendly fabric dyes but have always felt that it’s best to start with what is happening already then to develop as the opportunity or capacity arises.

one colour

{Women making the One Colour toy collection}

I was a personal assistant in a past life, then had children (now teenagers) so was a full time mum. I enjoyed creative writing and did a bit of feature article writing for our local newspaper in the Hunter Valley. 

When I’m not working I’m hanging out at home with the family, reading, catching up with friends, having coffee or drinks wherever with whoever, travelling, playing piano, gardening…

I can’t live without a place to retreat to.

Right now I’m listening to Jazz Masters – Louis Armstrong, Stan Getz, Count Basie.

My top three blogs are Ecouterre, Design Africa and
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Di Stitt and One Colour are giving you the chance to win this gorgeous Magdalene Coat valued at $110!!

one colour


1 entry = Head over to our Facebook page and “SHARE” the competition with your friends. Way too easy!

2 MORE entries = Head over to the One Colour store then leave a comment on the Facebook competition post telling us which piece you would most love to see in your wardrobe.

I know which one I would like…

Entries close THIS Friday 16th Nov. 5pm sharp!



Final GIVEAWAY before Xmas!

The lovely Heide of Earth Greetings is spreading some Christmas cheer by giving us FOUR of these most gorgeous notebooks to giveaway.

…and not only are they gorgeous, but they are made of 100% post-consumer recycled paper. Another ethical product to adore!

For a chance to win, all you need to do is leave us a comment on our Facebook page. Good luck and Merry Christmas to you all!

Jen x

Ethical Trade – no greenwash here…

Consumers have twigged onto the innate beauty of ethical products in a big way. This in turn has brought the term ‘green wash’ well and truly into the modern vernacular.

With marketing being what it is, ethical slogans are attached to products that may not warrant such high accolades – but how do we wade through all the greenwash to find genuinely ethical gear?

Looking for well known certification labels (Ethical Clothing Australia, Fairtrade, WRAP) makes it easy, but what about all the divine labels and products that don’t fit under a ‘certified’ umbrella?

The Queensland Fair Trade Association is currently looking at a new set of criteria for products that fall into this category, the lovely world of handmade is ‘ethical’ by the very nature of what it is, and Bluecaravan is bringing together an extraordinary group of ethical designers to make it easy for you to buy the things you love – and to feel good about what you buy.

Check out these gorgeous [ethically & fairly traded] products from our site:

Alpaca Throw Blanket by Mayu

Alpaca Throw Blanket by Mayu (Peru)

Recycled Poster Bowl by The Dharma Door (Bangladesh)

Recycled Poster Bowl by The Dharma Door (Bangladesh)

Lotus Big Pocket Skirt by Beej

Lotus Big Pocket Skirt by Beej (India)

Bloomers by Babushka Baby (India)

Deco Print Bloomers by Babushka Baby (India)

Ethical Design Marketplace – launched!

Bluecaravan has hitched itself onto the online marketplace and we are ready to go! The checkout is now happening (yes it took a while…) and the sales are coming in thick and fast. Yee ha!

Thanks to all the ethical shopping punters who have patiently scoured our site, dreamed of all it’s loveliness, and eagerly hit the paypal button when we flicked the switch. Those little packages, all wrapped in a warm glow, are on the way to their new homes…

Help us out by linking to our site, blogging about the wonderful world of ethical shopping, and telling all your friends to have a snoop.

We are continually heart-warmed by the enormous support that is coming our way.

Bluecaravan will be making their debut at the ‘Ethics on Toast’ Q & A at this year’s Exchange for Change (Carriageworks July 29-31), but more about that later.

…in the meantime here are some of my current faves on the site:

Jen x

Sail Away Boats by Flying Star Toys

Sail Away Boats by Flying Star Toys

Drop Earrings by Honey Bee

Drop Earrings by Honey Bee

Discover Dress by Andie Meredith

Discover Dress by Andie Meredith

Bright Ideas Notebook by Larara

Bright Ideas Notebook by Larara