Urban Walls + Xmas Giveaway!

From making babies to making wall art. Working mum Danielle Hardy chats to Bluecaravan about her commitment to being a stay at home mum, and how she built successful business Urban Walls around a busy family life.

I made two super-cute babies and was working my butt off as a graphic and web designer to be able to work from home. I TOTALLY didn’t see myself doing this full-time but I am SO thankful that it grew and organically happened for me to be able to be mom and business lady 🙂

The turning point came when my maternity leave was up… I couldn’t justify going to work and putting my babies in daycare when I was capable of working from home. It’s definitely not easy to balance and I have a ton of late nights/early mornings but I am so thankful with the choice that I made to take a leap of faith and believe that I could do this from home and it be successful.

My advice to other young designers is to network with other people in the field, make great connections, believe in yourself and your creativity, don’t be afraid to take risks!!!

When I’m not working… it’s not very glamorous! Lots of diapers, walks to the park, endless amounts of laundry, and making gentlemen out of my boys takes up the majority of my time

My husband would describe me as Ambitious, Sarcastic, Persistent, Adventurous, Loyal

I couldn’t live without my family – our last name is Hardy so I refer to the all of them as my “Hardyboys”. I couldn’t survive without them.

Right now I’m listening to Adele.

My top three blogs are: http://cupcakesandcashmere.com/, http://whippedstyle.com/, http://marcusdesigninc.blogspot.com/. Can I say my own? LOL uwdecals.com


//  GIVEAWAY ! // 

A fabulous giveaway just in time for Christmas!

Danielle Hardy and Urban Walls are giving you the opportunity to win a $75 voucher to spend on ANY of the decals in their Bluecaravan store.


1 entry = First head over to Urban Walls then leave a comment here on the Blog telling us which decal is your fave. So easy!

2 entries = For a double dip just head over to our Facebook page and say ‘Hi’…




78 responses to “Urban Walls + Xmas Giveaway!

  1. so glad I found these decals today, I love the ‘branch wall decal’ and if I won would give it to my son who now lives in LaTrobe St Melb. After growing up in the country it would bring nature into his apartment!

  2. Have always been a huge fan of wall art and typography…Loving the family sayings…as a family with six children I can truely associate with “we do loud”…:)

  3. i love the Chalk Wall Decal, Frame and the house rules… sweet interview!

  4. dropped in to fb… you are already liked!

  5. i would be struggling to choose between the fall trees and the heading south birds.. either would be perfect to put on the wall in my soon to open cafe.. or maybe i’d just have to get both

  6. oh.. i’d love the world map!
    loving these interviews jen.. and getting to know a little more about the designers.

  7. I really love the world map, though I would like to give my bro-in-law the mustache!!!

  8. The ‘in this house we do..’ decal is just beautiful, I especially like the design which includes ‘patience’, I think a big bold reminder of this in our family room could really help with all those moments……

  9. I think I’d probably go the world map… maybe I’d splurg and get the world map AND the branch with leaves and birds on it; I love them!

  10. Love the frame to do list – how practical! But the house rules are simply gorgeous and could be the gentle reminder to stay calm in moments of peril 🙂

  11. I really love the ‘in this house we do’ decal. I have a spot already picked out for this in my house!

  12. Must be the Palm Branch …. so simple and striking … clever.

  13. Wowiee!!! I love them all but my favourite has to be the
    House Rules Wall Decal

  14. The Chalk Wall Decal, Frame, House Rules is so lovely!!! Thanks for this great giveaway…

  15. Hi on FB and Hi here!!!

  16. Palm Trees Wall Decal is most beautiful… so easy to escape into tropical bliss…

  17. The World Map Wall Decal would look so cool on my bedroom wall… Haa, I love it!

  18. love the birch trees…and the chalk boards

  19. Hi’ed you on FB 🙂

  20. Hi! I can’t go passed the world map for my little son. He loves loves loves his world globe and already knows the USA, India, Thailand, Australia, China and England. This map would be beautiful in his room. Cross fingers!

  21. Hi I like The spring trees wall decor. I have just the spot for it.
    It is so good when the decisions we make in life turn out well. Staying home with the kids and making an income. Can’t get better than that.

  22. Gosh, they are all beautiful but I think I love the Branch Wall Decal and the Side Swirl the most.

  23. The world map is fun and I love how you can pick a colour! but my favourite is the “Flowers Wall Decal” I have some ideas for that one, not to mention plenty of blank spaces!

  24. It’s definitely the Fall Wall decal for me! I imagine lying in bed to the sound of the rustling leaves falling to the ground, stirred by the autumnal breeze, with the joyful birdsong enveloping me in a comforting and protective way. I love the warmth this decal brings to me.

  25. Too many to choose! But if I was choosing for my daughter it would have to be the Paris one, she loves everything French. For me would be the Fly Away Birds, because of course it’s birds flying away!

  26. Love the _Wash, dry, fold, repeat_- that really sums up my life………..

  27. I think birch trees are my fave! Thanks for the chance to win !

  28. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the ‘In this House’ decal!!

  29. Lord, there are so many to choose from .. the ironing one doesn’t even get a look-in; almost an anti-ironing home this one. The “In this house we do .. ” are ones I love, but I have another half to consider.
    Oh, and the blackboard would be a FAVE with our 3yo, but those birds in the trees. Oh, which birds? Which trees?
    And the branch with birds … !
    Ah, and the World Map .. and and and and ……………………… Happy Festive Season!!

  30. Wow, birch tree walls –like I’m in the forest, love that.

  31. The night owls are just gorgeous, and perfect for my girls too – little night owls themselves! Love them.

  32. Hi’ed and liked on FB!

  33. I have some of the decal from urbanwalls, and I LOVE them. What a great giveaway! My favorite is the Flowers Wall Decal. Gorgeous details!

  34. Hilary Vanderpool

    I love the birch trees decal

  35. Love the french frames…so cute!

  36. Hilary Vanderpool

    Dropped in on FB and said HI

  37. Liked your fb page and said hi, 🙂

  38. Stephanie Mago-Eagle

    I love In this house We Do Wall Decal,House Rules Wall Decal,Fruits of the Spirit… and Chalk Wall Decal, Frame,…

  39. Stephanie Mago-Eagle

    Went by facebook & said Hi

  40. Hands down, my husband and I decided we NEED those birch tree decals in our bedroom!! We just painted the boudoir an amazing royal blue and I’ve just pictured how AMAZEBALLS the birch tree decals will look in gold metallic against the blue wall!! Eeeeeee!!

  41. I love the Butterflies Wall Decal!

  42. I am a fan of Bluecaravan on Facebook! And I said “Hi”

  43. How do you choose just one. Gosh i think i loved them all but i especially loved the House Rules decal

  44. Cara Lee Hrdlitschka

    I love the house rules best ‘in this house…’ so great

  45. The chalkboard decals are such a fab idea and I so love the “wash, dry fold” instructions- shame I don’t have a laundry worthy of it!!
    Having said that my most loved of all would have to be the bird cages- just gorgeous…

  46. Fruits of the Spirit I love this one…. thank you for the giveaway

  47. So hard to choose as there are so many cool ones. Love the Bird Cages so that would be my choice.

  48. Now I LIKE on FB and said howdy do!

  49. my favorite decal is the In this house We Do Wall Decal

  50. i liked you on facebook and said hi!

  51. My favourite is “in this House” I love all your designs, thank you for the chance to win.

  52. Aaargh! So hard to choose a favourite! Laaahrve the butterflies, the clouds, but I think my absolute fave is “In this house we do”. Beautiful beautiful. And congrats on your lovely business! x

  53. My favorite are the Birch Tree wall decals – getting married next September and how great would these be for a photo backdrop! Love anything in this store!

  54. Gotta love a good list of house rules!!

    xo Steph

  55. Already loving you on FB… Woot woot!

    xo Steph

  56. Chalk Wall Decal, Frame, House Rules


  57. I love the Chalk Wall Decals and the trees on the grey background!

  58. They’re all so deliciously fabulous! But the energy of the swaying branch or the birds in flight takes you to another place, that feeling of freedom and weightlessness, especially needed in the area of the domestic goddess like the kitchen to help with those ‘down in the trenches’ moments!

  59. wow i would love either the falling flowers or the birds in cages …. hard decision though

  60. My favourite is the Children’s Room Chalk Wall Decal. I would love one of these for my little boys room.

  61. I love the Flowers wall decals!

  62. I love the Love Never Fails decal. Would love it above our bed.

  63. Stopped over to your FB page and said hello. Jill Lear

  64. I am really loving the Heading South Birds. My husband is a hunter and have a few birds mounted in our room. So that would fit awesome in our room!!

  65. Stopped by on Facebook!! Thanks again for an awesome giveaway!!!

  66. Shannon Thompson

    Chalk Wall Decal, Frame, House Rules

  67. Shannon Thompson

    left comment on fb
    Teh Doll

  68. My fav wall decal is Flowers in silver metallic. Love all best this is my fav. Thanks for the chance to win. X

  69. Hi… LOVE the world map, and as we are a “his, hers and ours” family of 9 the ‘In this house we do’ is very apt.. could be our mantra at the top of the stairs! 🙂

  70. Our new baby boy would love looking at the heading south birds over our bed. Chandelier Delux is worth a mention too. Love your work from home inspiration.

  71. Branch Wall or Fly away birds would have to be my favourites, they bring the outside in.

  72. I LOVE the chalkboards…. and the family rules…. and the trees… and all the rest!

  73. have like on FB too. So very much hope I win.

  74. everything is really beautiful!
    I love the trees (spring?) and the World Map Wall Decal

  75. Love urban walls world map design

  76. Thank you to everyone who entered our last Giveaway for the year!

    This time it was you Claudia. Congratulations! We hope your enjoy your beautiful prize from Urban Walls.

    Merry Xmas to you all!!

  77. I love the wall art! We are building our own house so i’ll do something like this for the kids- or even let them loose with a paint brush themselves!

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