Meet Mariana Garcia-Katz + GIVEAWAY

Inspired by both the natural and urban environment, graphic designer and photogapher Mariana Garcia-Katz has created m2matiz, a range of homewares, jewellery and stationery that is as edgy as is it beautiful. This week we had a chat to Mariana about her motivations in developing a business built on design…

m2matiz - Bluecaravan

Photography has always been important to me and by around 2007 it developed into a real passion. The camera was with me, everywhere I went. Through the eye of the camera, there is a moment of beauty in almost anything. Commercial and corporate work was becoming a bit stifling, so I decided to find a way to make my passion viable. Using my skills in graphic design, a range of gifts started to develop. By 2009, the m2matiz range was born, including cards, stationary, jewellery, the t.lighthaus® and lumierebox.

The more I photograph, the more I see, the more I want to create. I’d have to say Mother Nature and our environment is my greatest inspirations. The flora and fauna of our country, is truly spectacular. We are also extremely lucky with the technology we have available today. The digital world allows me to experiment and bring my ideas to fruition, almost instantly.

The aesthetic of m2matiz is unique, minimal and elegant. The quality and feel of something hand crafted is also a very important part of what I do.

m2matiz - Bluecaravan

Wherever possible I reduce, reuse and in most cases use recycled materials. All our products are printed in Melbourne and hand crafted by me, from hand cutting to folding, to wrapping and tying with string. I am very conscious of the strain we have put on mother earth.

There is always such a great response to m2matiz, but ultimately, my images are the point of difference and are the essence of my range. I believe I have something that appeals to just about everyone. A particular image will grab someone’s attention. The boys love the luMierebox, the girls love the jewellery and people of all persuasions are inspired by the t.lighthaus.

Before starting m2matiz I used to freelance as a graphic artist/designer and more recently studied Interior Decoration and Design at RMIT.

m2matiz - Bluecaravan

The best advice I can offer to young designers is to keep doing what you love, follow your passion and your heart. If you can afford a website or if you can create your own, I’d recommend it. I believe my website has truly been one of the best tools for me yet.

When I’m not working I’m out and about taking photos! Raising two beautiful teenagers, tending to our chickens, cat, dog and veggie garden. Reading interior design mags and café hopping!

My family would describe me as creative, perfectionist, generous, honest, stubborn.

I’m listening to The Vaudeville Smash – Check them out if you can! They’re an amazingly talented and entertaining band. Truth is, I have a crush on Marc…

m2matiz - Bluecaravan

There are so many fabulous blogs I visit regularly but I peruse these three on pretty much a daily basis:

The Design Files:,       Roost – a simple life:,     Kinfolk – A Guide for Small Gatherings:

The last ethical product I bought was a resin ring from Milkwood Design just this weekend. We were both selling our creations at the Maribynong Maker’s Market on Sunday. I couldn’t resist the gorgeous hot pink ring. I wear black for the most part, so I love the ring for its pop of colour and beautiful organic shape.

Way too hard to pick just one favorite other BC seller! Let’s just say I’ve purchased little treasures from Snowfawn, Milkwood and Little Viking Girl. All of which I love for their quality work, customer service and of course their products are very pleasing to my eye.

Our future plans? Given that m2matiz evolved very organically and really without planning, I think I’ll continue on that path! I’ll keep doing what I love and wait to see where it takes me. I’ve always been one to take life a day at a time; you can be guaranteed surprises that way. Somewhat humbling I think.

 //  GIVEAWAY x 2 //

m2matiz - Bluecaravanm2matiz - Bluecaravan

                          We are totally in love with both of these giveaways!

Marianna and m2matiz are giving you the opportunity to win one of her beautiful products: the t.lighthaus© is a photographic translucent lantern designed to house a tealight candle (choose any photographic insert from Mariana’s range), and the ‘hello my love’ necklace (image insert as seen here) is part of the claudia range.
We will randomly choose a winner for each…



1 entry = Just leave a comment here on the blog telling us which one: tealight or necklace?

2 entries = plus head over to our Facebook page say ‘Hi’…

3 entries = Head over to the m2matiz Facebook page, and let them know that we sent you.



65 responses to “Meet Mariana Garcia-Katz + GIVEAWAY

  1. Oh Wow! Mariana your aesthetic is so beautiful. I would be happy with either the tealight or the necklace. Just divine

  2. I already follow you on FB!

  3. Beautiful work! I’ve just had a peek at your store. I love it all. Especially the light boxes. Would love to win the tealight… Thanks!

  4. Heading over to Facebook now ; )

  5. The tealight is wonderful, captures the light, would look lovely in my loungeroom.

  6. Necklace please!

  7. I like both…. I can’t choose, they are both so different.

  8. I have been an admirer of Mariana’s work (especially the tea light’s!) for some time now! Her designs show raw authenticity which I deeply appreciate! I follow both Blue Caravan & M2Matiz on facebook as well.

  9. Bringing the outside inside. The tea light is simply devine. 🙂

  10. Beautiful! Have just taken up photography as a hobby, and am so excited about the really different ways you’re using it. Would be ecstatic to win either giveaway, and can’t wait to check out your FB page 🙂

  11. Amazing work! lovely little interview…Bonni 🙂 x

  12. Tealight of course! Though I love the necklace too, I am trying really hard to meditate, perhaps this illuminator will help me! Yay!

  13. Scribbled Hi on your Wall 🙂

  14. Liked and scribbled on m2matiz wall 🙂

  15. I’d love to win the tealight candle illuminator for my writing desk

  16. I left a Hi with a ❤ on your Wall

  17. Left another ❤ on m2matiz Wall…

  18. I’d choose the splendid tealight candle

  19. Love the lighthouse – the hard part is choosing!!!

  20. Amazing! I love it. So glad to have stumbled upon you. I love Bluecaravan, and love this work by m2matiz. Would LOVE to win the claudia necklace. So perfectly my style…

  21. Have liked you on FB too!

  22. Both are GORG, but as I love big beautiful jewelry –I’d choose necklace

  23. awesome! i really love the tealight must look amazing with the candle glowing inside it!

  24. I love the tea light.

  25. Wow!
    Loving everything on the sight.
    I would choose the necklace.

  26. Beautiful work! A tea light would be lovely.

  27. I love both but I’d have to say the necklace please 🙂
    Have said hello and liked you on facebook!

  28. Nice!! I love both, the tea light would be lovely in my home though….

  29. Ohhh hello! The tealight is simply beautiful!

  30. I have popped by your wall on facebook 🙂

  31. I have also liked and said hi over at the m2matiz facebook page 🙂

  32. Oh, gorgeous, simply gorgeous! Tea light… (although necklace is fabulous too!)!

  33. I love the tea light holder, but the necklace is a very close second!

  34. Just Divine!
    The necklace for me please. It’s perfect.

  35. have liked you on fb : )

  36. What a dream life you have Mariana! Such a beautiful way to spend your time… taking amazing photographs and turning them into something functional. Love it.
    I’d love to win the Claudia Necklace. Divine. xxx

  37. Will head over to FB now…

  38. Who’s home wouldn’t look stylish with some work created by Mariana? I have the perfect little spot in our lounge room which would make a perfect home for a tealight.

  39. Heading over to Facebook now

  40. Oh i love the tea light it would be so nice in this warming wether to be put some where nice to glint and sparkle

  41. and headed over to facebook

  42. We have to choose between the two beautiful objects? OK, I’ll choose the necklace, as I can have it with me (on me) wherever I go.

  43. Gorgeous work. I adore the tea light thanks for the chance to win xox

  44. Tea light please! Lovely!

  45. How sweet! I love the tea light shade. So pretty 🙂

  46. The t.lighthouse! Just lovely. I’ve done the two FB pages as well so have 3 entries. Yipeeee! Enjoyed reading the post. Thx!

  47. Rebecca Wootton

    the tea light shines for me!

  48. I love the tealight and excited about which photograph to choose to put into it.

  49. The transluscent tealight holder is precious. I would love to re-start my yoga practice with this as an aid/companion.
    Beautiful work!

  50. Kirsty Farrugia

    Oh I love the light!!

  51. both are really u Kaye and beautiful. Would love one of the tea lights.

  52. That tealight is gorgeous xxx

  53. Love the tealight.

  54. I really like the simplicity of the tea-light as I like objects that tell stories or lead to story-telling… that create a certain atmosphere…

  55. Woooo, I just stumbled across this. I found Mariana’s light boxes in Fitzroy last weekend when I was down there for a quick holiday! So cool. Great interview too.

  56. The necklace sizzles! (Hot, Hot, Hot)

  57. I am in love with the tealight, just gorgeous

  58. Absolutely beautiful, the tealight would be perfect.

  59. I don’t think I’ve seen Mariana’s work before (keep missing the Maribyrnong Makers’ Market!) but I love it.

    How nice it would be to own the tealight, but since I’m packing up all my possessions and leaving the country, I’d love to do so wearing the necklace.

  60. to HOLD IT in my hands… the necklace.
    to take it with me and SHOW it to everybody… the necklace.
    sooo lovely!!!

  61. The beautiful Tealight. That’s my choice.

  62. So beautiful, I love the necklace, no the tealight, yes tealight! Wait, no I’ll go for the necklace……oh, either would be very gratefully received…

  63. Tea and light make a great combo. So that’s my pick! Gorgeous!

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