Interview + Hand Bag Giveaway!

Meet Jenny Spring of brag bags australia. We had a quick chat with Jenny this week about building her ethical business and the inspiration behind her eclectic range of beautiful bags. here’s what she had to say:

We create handbags for the woman who enjoys her individuality and who wants to feel a sense of connection to the things around her.

A brag bag not only provides you with a beautiful artefact, you are also tracing the bag’s journey from the hands of an artisan to it’s resting place on your shoulder.

Knowing the story behind the object is like having the bragging rights to it. There is a growing awareness and hunger in our Western culture to move away from the mass-produced and toward the handmade.

All our products are designed by us in WA, and then handmade in small workshops in Vietnam. We know and respect the people we work with and do not haggle on price. Employees are treated with respect, and paid fair wages with good working hours and conditions.

A lot of the work is carried out in small outlying villages, allowing the embroiders and artisans to earn a good income and remain in their village – which is so important in maintaining community life. We have been working with the same groups for over 5 years and we incorporate some of their embroidery into our products, as we want to honour their unique skills.

We design specifically based on our customers’ feedback, and we incorporate this feedback into the next range. We change our range each season to maintain exclusivity and  all of our products are handmade in limited editions. We believe this business approach sets us apart from others.

I used to be a corporate software account executive in Seattle, USA! And before that, a teacher. Eight years ago we moved our young family from the USA back to Australia. The move prompted me to consider a career change, and I was eager to run my own company. When my friends introduced me to someone looking for a business partner in a handbag company I jumped at the chance. Three months later, we dissolved our partnership and I took over as owner of bragbags australia.

My advice to young designers is to keep a business focus along with the creative side. To think of what you want your business to be known for and how you want people to talk about your business.

My friends would describe me as determined, idealistic, a big picture thinker, enthusiastic, mother.

I’m the hockey coach and the scripture teacher. I want kids to choose their faith based on information (so I welcome lots of questions, although I struggle with the answers). And I’m travelling whenever I can, whether it is to Vietnam, or with the family.

I couldn’t live without my kids.

I’m listening to anything from Bocelli to Toto (ugh, my husband’s influence there!).

The blogs I read are (this is my little sales business that I’ve just launched to help other small business owners get their minds around selling) and (corporate mums unite!)

The last ethical product I bought was some clothing made for me in Vietnam. I can’t wait for it to arrive! My friend has a tailor who is so talented and makes up anything I want. I have several silk shirts that I love wearing, they are so comfortable and beautiful to wear. She has made them all!

I’m currently writing a course on “Selling to Women”. I think we do such a disservice by not really understanding how women want to be treated. I am running my first workshop at the end of August (in WA) and hope to have a little blog with some downloads. I want to help artisans who have built a lovely little business, but feel overwhelmed when it comes to selling to build a skill set so that they can, in turn, build a customer base of loyal and enthusiastic followers…



Jenny has given us this most gorgeous little Leather Pouchette (with bonus button cover) to give away to one of you!

It’s valued at $99, and comes in red, black and cream.


1 entry = Just leave a comment here telling us which colour you would like!
2 entries = plus head over to Brag Bags Facebook page say ‘Hi’, and tell them that we sent you!
3 entries = plus ‘Like’ us on Facebook



105 responses to “Interview + Hand Bag Giveaway!

  1. I would love the bag in the burgundy i.e. red colour.. it’s gorgeous!!!!

  2. I like Bragbags on FB and told them Blue Caravan sent me..

  3. I have always Liked/Loved you on Facebook! I am a fan 🙂

  4. I would like it Black colour ..

  5. I liked Bragbags on Fb, wrote on their wall

  6. I like YOU on FB

  7. I like the red color

  8. Red pls!! absolutely gorgeous!!

  9. I love the cream or red! adorable! i’ve liked bragbags and yourself on FB! xx

  10. i would love the red one!

  11. I would love this bag in cream xxx

  12. So pretty! Would love the red one!

  13. I’d love that bag in any colour…they would all be gorgeous! Plus I suck at making decisions!!

  14. Just became a Brag Bags liker.

  15. Red awesome! Your clever people! Thanks for giving me an opportunity to brag about you! xx

  16. Already like Blue Caravan!

  17. The red one is great!

  18. i already like you on fb, you are VERY likeable xxx

  19. Oh I love the bone colour! Just beauitiful.

  20. A fabulous product and a generous giveaway.
    I love the contrast in the black & white bag.

  21. I like Brag Bags on FB.

  22. I also like you on FB.

  23. I would love the black 🙂

  24. Love the bags! Would give the red or cream one a lovely home If I won. I promise to feed it every day.

  25. YUMMY! Red for me – ’tis supercute x

  26. Easy to love a business with positive values.
    May Ethics become the norm in all businesses.
    I reckon I like then all.
    Wish me Luck. 🙂

  27. They are gorgeous! I’d love the black!

  28. I have liked and commented on bragbags wall:)

  29. …and I’m already a fan of yours on facebook 🙂

  30. Rachael Bernstone

    those are gorgeous bags, I would love a red one

  31. Love the red one for my daughter. Good luck to everyone.

  32. Please may I have the black one??
    Love love. X

  33. Wouldn’t know which colour to choose to be honest. Would have to check out the black & cream versions, but the little birdie in red is uber cute. Love the ‘frill’ too. Suerte a todos.

  34. Could I please have a cream to accompany me
    When I go to the cafe for biscuits and tea,
    Or out with the ladies for a spot of champagne
    Or under my brolly when its starting to rain
    I’ll treat with love, give it hugs and and a place
    On top of my dresser with it’s own little case
    I promise to kiss it each night before rest
    Cause that little brag bag is quite the best 🙂

  35. I like all colours to be honest 🙂 and I did everything else too *fingers crossed* 🙂

  36. Ooh, cream is gorgeous but I love the red too!

  37. My little sister ‘Spog’ turns twenty seven on Sunday, I am always on the lookout for beautiful little birds for her, and this bag would make the most marvelous, belated, birthday present! (Red would be best as I am sure she sees this everytime I use her nickname in public!!)

  38. I can’t get this little birdy out of my head! the red and the super cute trim

  39. Could i please have a cream one they are amazing.A reward for my daughter and her hard and rewarding work on theblossomingthoughtproject.

  40. golly gosh i do like the red one it’s so nifty and would go quite well with my mustard tights that i’m wearing today 🙂

  41. oh and i also like you on facebook

  42. Would love a black one please! Love your work!

  43. cream! I love the cream one! 🙂 and popped over to brag bags to tell them, and can’t believe I only just found your fb page, but am a fan now!

  44. Lovely and light. White for Spring/Summer. As always, a link well worth following.

  45. I would love a Black one please!

  46. I really need a new bag, would love a black one…my current cream one has pen marks all over it…no it doesn’t come out..shame…but i think your bag i would love…thanks.


  47. I would love the red one. That bird is gorgeous! But really, I would be happy with any of them…they are all lovely!
    I solemnly swear I have fulfilled all other requirements of this giveaway 😀

  48. What a stand out bag! –in red –a stand out color!

  49. The red colour please! The texture and bag itself is super cute.

  50. the cream is just gorgeous isnt it! 🙂 the leather looks so soft too!

  51. i like bluecaravan on fb 🙂

  52. Just wanted to say I have so much respect for you guys for making ethical choices with your makers in Vietnam. I think it’s so important for small businesses to do this, but so many just think it’s too hard. I think by making conscious decisions like this you can feel good not just about the design but the making of the product. It’s so nice to know I can buy an ethical handbag and that I can know where it comes from!

  53. Michelle from Anatolia Magnets

    red – you are no a woman without a red bag (and a few pairs of matching red shoes but we can leave that for another competition!)

  54. Oh I love the red one! Love this business and Jenny’s philosophies, will be passing Blue Caravans email onto my besties!!

  55. i love the black bag, I must be the only person I know that has a rainbow of bags, but no black!! :o) I have liked your page and added a comment to bragbags :o)

  56. Loving the red! It’s so my style!

  57. just beautiful…it would have to be black for me…

  58. Black is a must-have in this lovely Leather Pochette!

  59. Popped over to Brag Bags fb and said Hi! and now ‘like’ and that you sent me!

  60. And already ‘like’ you on fb – long ago!

  61. The bag is gorgeous! I like red color!

  62. I was on FB and liked the page 🙂

  63. And of course I like Bluecaravan 🙂

  64. Lovely interview to read. And a gorgeous giveaway.

    I’d pick black if I won. Love red but I have too many red bags already…

  65. i would love the burgundy red 🙂

  66. Oh My! Your bags are beautiful! I would ever so excited to win one! My choice of colour would be the red please.

  67. Your bags are gorgeous! I’d get a red one if I won! Lovely 🙂

  68. Thanks everyone for saying Hi. We love supporting the Blue Caravan ethos.

    Jenny, bragbags australia

  69. I love the burgundy red. All liked away! Cheers

  70. I would love it in cream or black. Thanks!

  71. Love bags, bags, bags, and bags in whatever colour. Lol!

  72. I love the burgundy!

  73. Like both on Facebook

  74. I would like the bag in red.

  75. I would love the Black one i already ‘like’ bragbags and have now ‘liked’ you

  76. Totally gorgeous, I love the black one!

  77. And I already like both on facebook!

  78. I would love to have the cream color!

  79. I love this bag! Black would be lovely if I win!

  80. plus I “liked” you on Facebook, and I found you through bragbags!

  81. Hi, I’m new to your site (followed the link from BragBags). Thanks for the interviews, it was really interesting to find out a little more about the people running these small businesses. In the unlikely event that I do win, I’d love that red bag. I have a weakness for red bags, and that badge is so cute!

  82. I love handbags and I especially like the little red bag with the retro birdie- very cute!!

  83. hi i would to have red bag its cool

  84. I’d love it in black! It’s adorable!

  85. I like them on FB and commented.

  86. I like Bluecaravan on FB. 1

  87. Oh I Love them all! But the cream a little more….

  88. I liked you too : )

  89. I would love the red bag soooooo much. The button cover is gorgeous! jx

  90. Doing some liking now!

  91. Love love love the whole bragg bags range! and with the pouchettes – isn’t it amazing how much the change in colour changes the mood of the bag? My first choice would be black, but I’m sure I could find room for any (all?) of the colours!

  92. I love the red bag with the birdy button, but really they are all so lovely I would be thrilled to use any of them.

  93. The cream bag is just gorgeous! 😀 Like you both and FB and also went and said hi. 😉 Thanks so much! 😀

  94. I would like the maroon one! It is so quiky yet lovely at the same time!

  95. Hi, have shared the love and I really like the black. Very nice !!!

  96. Gorgeous bad.. I would love a red one!

  97. Thanks everyone for entering this fabulous giveaway!
    …and congratulations to you Karen C, there’s a new bag heading towards your wardrobe!
    Jen x

  98. Thanks brag bags and blue caravan ! So excited to win this lovely bag and I’ve chosen it in the colour Black x

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