Dark Horse Studio + GIVEAWAY

This week we had a chat with Jennifer Boyle: Equine photographer, student of dressage and a full-time lover of horses. Her latest project Dark Horse Studio delivers a quirky range of equine jewellery and stationery that is fun, unique and exclusively horsey…

Dark Horse Studio creates a range of fun and contemporary jewellery and greeting cards  based on a mixture of styles ranging from illustration and pop-culture through to imagery from the neo-victorian and romantic periods… all with a horse theme!


I’ve always loved black horses, especially Fresians. My dream is to one day own (and learn to drive) a two horse carriage.

Working for myself has always been my goal. Getting to this point has very much been a natural amalgamation of my interests. My parents have been constantly supportive of every creative endeavour I’ve pursued and it certainly helps having people cheering from the sidelines.

We live in such a throw away society so I spent months experimenting with different  materials to create a final product that will last. I’m really passionate about making a quality product and I put a lot of effort and love into designing and handmaking each piece..

Dark Horse jewellery is made to be treasured for years, not thrown away next season. Even my gift tin packaging is something to keep and reuse.

In the equestrian jewellery market, the style Dark Horse Studio presents is totally unique and fresh.  My products cross every horse interest and are not limited to age. I have children and adults wearing my pieces and I’ll be adding a men’s range in the coming months.

I’m also an Equine photographerI’ve completed a visual arts degree and have also worked as a picture framer for many years.

My advice to young designers? ‘Fine tune, don’t change channels’. That’s become a bit of a catchphrase around the property that I share with a dressage instructor. We always take great delight in laughing about it, but it’s so true. If you want to continue to improve at something – you need dedicated focus

When I’m not working I’m hanging out with the horses – there are at least 15 on the property. I also get dressage lessons, my dog gets a walk on the beach most days… and I do a lot of photography.

Listening to Goyte and Kimbra improves my day. I find them fantastic inspiration to get a lot of work done.

The last ethical product I bought was coffee. I always buy fairtrade coffee. I really dislike that many third world producers (of anything) often get paid next to nothing while the middle man profits.

My favourite other Bluecaravan designer is Elm Design. I love the whole aesthetic going on there, especially the porcelain cups.  I love the humour in them.

Visit Dark Horse Studio

//  GIVEAWAY  //

Jennifer has generously given us two pendants for this week’s giveaway!

The Small Cog Horse pendant is valued at $65

 and the Lady & The Unicorn oval pendant is valued at $70

Both come with gift tin they’re pictured with.



1 entry = Just leave a comment here telling us which one you love!
2 entries = plus Subscribe to our blog (over there on the top right)
3 entries = plus ‘Like’ us on Facebook (surely you’ll win now?)



61 responses to “Dark Horse Studio + GIVEAWAY

  1. They are both lovely but my favourite is the Lady & The Unicorn…

  2. I’m already a subscriber

  3. i follow you on fb x

  4. I love all things equine so I love you DHS!!!!! I love donkeys too just as much as I love horses. But if I have to choose one, I’d say I love the
    Oval Lady & The Unicorn Pendant.. it’s lovely!!!!

  5. Subscribed to your blog

  6. I am already a Liker on FB 🙂

  7. My favourite is the Circus Girl – Square Pendant – sweet!

  8. Subscribed to your blog

  9. I like you on FB 🙂

  10. My favourite is the Sml Lady Godiva Pendant

  11. Subscribed!

  12. I like you on Facebook

  13. Love the cog horse. Love it madly. Already subscribe, and already like of fb.

  14. Tough choice – I really love them both and have enjoyed taking all the delights in on the website.
    Just done a flip of the coin and the unicorn is the winner!

  15. I’m a follower of this blog.

  16. ohh I love the little cog horse one!

  17. I subscribe to your blog 🙂

  18. …and I’m a fan on facebook!

  19. Your pieces are beautiful! I especially love the Small Yellow Unicorn Pendant! They are all so beautiful and something to treasure. 🙂 I have also subscribed to your blog and already had it liked on facebook! 🙂

  20. I love my horses. They are a fine beast and majestic. The romance of these pieces is a gentle analogue to the wild beast.

  21. stunning work!!
    love love love the The Small Cog Horse pendant..
    i’m a fb fan and a subscriber!

  22. I hope to win the Lady and the Unicorn – have loved this series of tapestries since reading Tracy Chevalier’s book about them.

  23. Absolutely love the Small Cog Horse pendant. Used to have horses in my previous life pre-mum and have many horse art-like objects around. Miss my beautiful horses Cash and Sofa. I’m a Facebook fan and subscriber. Will be watching your offerings!

  24. I would love to win the Cog Horse pendant. My mother-in-law has two loves in this world – horses and horse-related things. This pendant would win me big brownie points for Christmas!

  25. I also get your email niceties in my inbox.

  26. I have always been fascinated by unicorns – they speak of magic and times past when we believed anything and everything was possible. Your creativity speaks to me in a similar vein.

  27. Love the small cog horse pendant. Very steampunk!!! Very Jennifer!!! This pendant is a purrfect crossover of horse power and industrial revolution. Keep up the good work Jen.

  28. I love these pendants but the small cog horse pendant is beautiful.

  29. oh my gosh they are both beautiful but i think i love the lady and the unicorn the best… such amazing work

  30. I was really impressed with the bluecaravan blog, but more so with your goals and ideals.
    I dislike the throwaway concept too.
    The jewellrey tin would be a keepsake, for sure.
    I remember as a sub teenager how things seemed to hang around longer; perhaps more care of items was taken and/or the items were simpler and better quality. I often refer to the Macca’s (throw away) mentality.
    David R

  31. I like the small cog horse pendant, this would be perfect for my daughter-in-law who loves horses.

  32. I like the Unicorn Pendant.. I have signed up for the Blog.

  33. I like the Unicorn Pendant. I have subscribed to the Blog.

  34. I just love the cog horse. It reminds me of Black Caviar. That horse runs like a machine! I would give this to my daughter who loves horses as well!

  35. Done some likin’ and subscribin’. Would be delighted with either pendant but love the Small Cog Horse one maybe a trifle more!

  36. Wow!! love them!! I would love either, but I especially adore the wheels and cogs in the pony xxx

  37. Definitely the ring design in the first photo! Love it…beautiful designs

  38. Lady & The Unicorn oval pendant is gorgeous and I would love it. I have a tin with this motive on it, and absolutely covet the necklace to put into it. I’m not usually a fan of jewellery at all, but this is special.
    My friend has a picture of this lady and unicorn on his wall.

  39. Absolutely love both but the black and white pendant really hits a note with me….very alluring and mesmerizing..

  40. They’re both sooo beautiful, but how could one go past a unicorn?

  41. I have to say there is something increadible about horse art – I love the cog horse. Im already a FB and blog subscriber too.

  42. Love horses, and I have a gorgeous black horse called Mortisha. Always on the look out for quality equestrian jewellery – thanks for showing me this site!
    Love the medieval style of the lady & the unicorn

  43. Jane Schou-Clarke

    So remarkably beautiful and so very, very noble….congratulations

  44. Just beautiful – I love the Small Cog Horse pendant

  45. Looove the Unicorn Pendant….bewdiful!!

  46. What a talented lady! They are both beautiful but the cog horse wins for me! x

  47. Hello…Well I would love the unicorn..delightful!
    I already suscribe to your news letter..1
    And I already like you on facebook….3

  48. Love them love them…love the designer’s horse theme! Cog horse wins by a nose 🙂

  49. What unique pieces! I think they would compliment any style of fashion! I particularly like the small cog pendant- very quirky!! 🙂

  50. Love love love the unicorn – my daughter would just love to wear it!

  51. I love Small Cog Horse Pendant, it is amazing!

  52. I’ve subscribed on this blog 🙂

  53. And I’ve already like Bluecaravan’s FB page 🙂

  54. I love the Lady and the unicorn because of the mystical and medieval connection, lovely. Keep designing!

  55. I love the small Cog Horse pendant ….great designs.

  56. I like the cog horse its so cool!

  57. I love the first one and if I won I would give it to my horse mad friend Dani who has a seriously bad last month!

  58. Thank you to everyone who entered Dark Horse Studio’s giveaway.

    Random.org gargled the numbers and this week it’s…

    You Leah Luna, and you Jen Bishop. Congratulations!

    Jen and The Bluecaravan Team x

  59. Thanks everyone who entered and congrats to Luna & Jen!

  60. I love Blue Capriolle Oval Pendant !!!

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