Sollis Jewellery + GIVEAWAY

A little bit rock and roll and a litte bit macrame – Sollis Jewellery has created a stunning range that is as sophisticated as it is unique.

We had a quick chat with Eleanor Ford of Sollis Jewellery this week, here’s what she said…

Sollis jewellery is handcrafted glamour with an edge.

I gather inspiration from the decorative arts and crafts of world cultures. I like learning new craft techniques and re-appropriating them with a modern twist.  Fusing this passion for craft with a bit of rock ‘n’ roll and a sharp fashion aesthetic I create stunning and innovative jewellery.

My current collection is called ‘Masai’ so I would call the aesthetic of this latest range ‘modern tribal’.

All my products are handmade and I always try to source products locally.

The design, the bold colours and the combinations of materials makes our products very different.

I studied BA in Jewellery Design at Middlesex University, London followed by an MA in Textiles at Goldsmiths College, London. Since completing my education I worked for Erickson Beamon, and Kirt Holmes in London who designed for Swarovski in Paris.

In 2006 I launched my own collection ‘Eleanor Jewellery’ with great success, selling to some of the most prestigious boutiques throughout the world. After relocating to Australia, SOLLIS jewellery was launched in January 2011.

My advice for young designers is to work really hard and learn lots of different skills like web design, marketing, accounting etc. You will have to be a jack of all trades and you probably won’t have the money to pay other people to do these things for you!

When I’m not working I love cooking, and of course eating… and wine.

I couldn’t live without water and wine!

I’m listening to Blues.

I’m preparing to launch Sollis into the international market.

//  GIVEAWAY  //

Eleanor has given us this gorgeous ‘small metal’ necklace (valued at $110) to give away to one of our lucky readers!


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87 responses to “Sollis Jewellery + GIVEAWAY

  1. so pretty! hope I win!

  2. What unique and beautiful jewellery.
    I can think of a few people I know who would love a piece!

  3. Lovely things..very unique and I’d love to win some!

  4. Wow Eleanor, your work is sensational!

    x Felicity

  5. #2 I follow the Bluecaravan.

  6. #3 I like you on FB too!

  7. woww such a beautiful collection…good luck:-)

  8. I love it it is stunning….x

  9. This pretty piece looks so intricate!

  10. I am a Facebook page liker (as Deborah Davey). 🙂

  11. Lovely! I’d be thrilled to win this 😀

  12. Such a refreshing thing to know there is a jewellery designer out there who has the vision to “cut through” all the noise! Attitude served with graphic appeal. Love it. Sollis rocks!

  13. these are screaming “SUMMER’S COMING!” to me…

  14. Love these pieces!

  15. So green, so me!

  16. Awesome! I would love love love and adore to win this amazing necklace- I would adore to wear it and als model it on my blog!

  17. And an extra comment for subscribing to this blog! YES!

  18. What beautiful pieces! Thank you for the chance to own one!

  19. I subscribe to blue caravan via my rss feed. Hope I win!! 🙂

  20. So beautiful , I’d love all of them!

  21. I have subscribed!

  22. I’m also a Facebook fan!

  23. Wow! I want that on my neck! It would complete any outfit.

  24. An absolutely awesome design that I would love to be mine!!

  25. what lovely jewelry!

  26. Oh my goodness, it’s beautiful! Thank you for giving this away! 🙂

  27. I am now subscribed to your blog!

  28. liked you on fb! 🙂

  29. im subscribed to your blog via email! 🙂

  30. I “like” you on FB!

  31. how unique, I love it

  32. I am also a subscriber to your blog

  33. and also a FB liker

  34. Oh my goodness, just beautiful work!
    I already subscribe to the bc blog and facebook – Yippee!
    The person who wins this one is one lucky lass/fellow!
    C x

  35. Oh wow…yes please! I’ve been eyeing those off for a while!
    And I’m subscribed to the blog!

  36. Ooh, I LOVE Sollis, especially the mustard designs!
    FB Liker…
    Blog Subscriber… 🙂

  37. something about these necklaces just makes me happy!

  38. These are incredible. So pretty, so delicate, so detailed and so different!

  39. SO PRETTY!!! i’d love one!!

  40. Love love love these pieces 🙂 I always prefer to wear jewellery that has been hand crafted with love – these are beautiful examples of that.

  41. Love the modern creation of a 70’s craft, truly inspired!

  42. Absolutely gobsmackingly amazing. I hear you on the water and wine too 🙂

  43. #2 Also I follow your blog.

  44. #3 and like you on Friendface – hooray!

  45. i met Eleanor at Life Instyle in Melbourne. A lovely woman designing gorgeous jewellery…

  46. I’m a subscriber xxx

  47. i like you on fb xxx

  48. What a gorgeous and generous giveaway!! Michelle

  49. artistic, metallic, fantastic, I want it …..would love to win

  50. So beautiful, and so different! I always wear black and I think one of these necklaces would definitely add a bit of a spark to my look.

  51. They are funky yet pay homage to original arts and crafts- a sublime combo of old and new! They are gorgeous!

  52. stunning. this necklace is so unique.

  53. Thats gorgeous!! Thanks so much for the giveaway! 😀 Liked on FB, and subscribed too. xox

  54. Stunning range of jewellery….love the tribal ethnic feel

  55. Really very beautiful pieces! I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like it. Very creative… very cool! 🙂

  56. love it want it need it

  57. Eleanor, you are very talented. So much detail, beautiful work!

  58. Did I mention how much I love this jewellery!!!???

  59. I’m always a bit style-stuck when it comes to choosing accessories, but these designs are so pretty and chic and somehow still a bit fierce, I’m in.

  60. Gorgeous, wpuld love to wear it.

  61. Gorgeous, would love to wear it.

  62. Your designs are very lovely. I am looking forward to seeing more of your designs and maybe even buy something for a present soon. Good luck for your future.

  63. Love this!!

  64. Really love the macrame inspired designs. You’ve creatively re-birthed retro into the now! Looking forward to wearing one 😉

  65. so beautiful!

  66. Very beautiful indeed.

  67. Me too! Me too!

  68. Thanks blue caravan for introducing me to Eleanor’s unique, stunning work – would love to own that necklace!

  69. I love Sollis’s Jewellery range – so gorgeous and unique. Thanks for sharing this great find with us!

  70. Have you liked on Facebook and such as a well as this comment! Damn, I’m normally into simple jewellery but I have a new want now…

  71. I love this jewellery! Whoever wins it will be one lucky person!

  72. So beautiful and feminine.

  73. This reminds me of all the beautiful crafty things in my Mum’s gorgeous craft books from the early 70’s. Love it, sooo stylish!

  74. Oh! I love it. Such amazing work.

  75. Facebook . Check .

  76. Subscribe. Check .

  77. I have the perfect outfit. Pick me?

  78. I’ve subscribed too : )

  79. My girlfriend would love this…. And then might love me more? Please Help ; )

  80. I LOVE love LOVE sollis jewellery. Yet to own a piece and this one is just perfect! Subscribed and liked! Crossing all of my fingers 🙂

  81. We have a winner – thank you

    It’s you Kelly Fletcher. Hooorah!

    Lucky you. Such a gorgeous prize.

    To everyone else – don’t be glum, there’s another one just around the corner!

    Jen x

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