Little Branch + GIVEAWAY

Little Branch is an Australian creative design studio producing eco cards, prints and paper products based on original artworks. Bluecaravan had a chat to partners Maree & Anna about life behind the scenes of their creative enterprise…

Little Branch is a small bespoke Australian made and designed paper company.We aim to be predominantly based in recycled and up-cycled materials.

Anna was in love when the business started (that’s me) and my nickname when signing emails to this person was…little branch. Love blossomed and so did a company name. The name evokes organic, unfolding, natural imagery and potential.

I have been a self employed author and artist for almost twenty yearsMaree was raised in an independent family business. She has that in her DNA. I am incapable of office work as I was raised by artists.We are both mothers as well. All of these elements are critical to wanting to run our own show. I think our biggest inspiration comes from women who manage a business and a home life without compromising either. Though of course at this stage it’s the ideal yet to be reached.

Little Branch is romantic, fresh, natural (sounds like yogurt but bear with us), sensuous, naughty, evocative, emotional, quiet.

The paper for our cards, envelopes and prints is recycled, carbon neutral and also made in Australia. We try to lessen the guilt associated with paper by also encouraging our  customers to recycle the paper they buy …for Xmas ornaments, bookmarks, anything as long as it lives. Our ethic is continual pleasure without waste, based in quality.

Little branch is different. We use a huge range of our own original art. Married with Maree’s amazing design aesthetic we feel Little Branch is a bit of a world within itself.   

I worked for magazines from the age of eighteen, designed handbags for Lulu Guinness, wrote four books and had a kid. You know just bumming around! Maree has worked in design and advertising for over 12 years, in between living and working in London for 6 years and having 3 kids.

We wanted to see what our two visions could produce. I sat on Maree’s floor drawing, and really that was the start. Ink, ideas, dreams…drive.

While I am reading English Vogue in bed, listening to PJ Harvey on vinyl, being with my son and my man. Oh and drinking lakes of hot tea…

… Maree is running after her 3 kids and hubby, moving house, drinking coffee and sneaking glimpses of various magazines

Maree would tell me to: a. pick up the phone  b. stop dreaming  c. stop worrying

I think she is… Passionate, creative, punctual, entrepreneurial and tired.

I couldn’t live without people like my partner Maree. Kisses, tea, my son, my family, colour, black eyeliner, rock and roll….it’s never just ONE thing.

Maree says she couldn’t live without with her husband, kids, cuddles and coffee.

We are listening to: PJ Harvey’s new album. Dylan… any Dylan (me, Anna), Kings of Leon (Maree).

The last ethical product I bought was Eco Kid lice “prevent” shampoo, made in Australia, smells like grapefuit. Maree: Billy Goat Soap , her daughter suffers from skin eczema and this is lovely and gentle on her skin. Australian made from locally sourced ingredients.

Our favourite other Bluecaravan sellers are Mrs Peterson’s Pottery & Kanimbla Clay. Beautiful products made by awesome ladies!

 Our aspirations for the future? Health. Solvency. Creative freedom. Love.


4 names will be drawn at random and will be sent a ‘Red Gloves, Toile Dress’ Open Edition Print.  Entries close 31 July 2011.
1 entry = Just leave a comment here on the blog (too easy)
2 entries = Subscribe to our blog (over there on the right)
3 entries = ‘Like’ us on Facebook (now the odds are totally awesome)
Come back here and let us know how many entries we owe you…

57 responses to “Little Branch + GIVEAWAY

  1. oh wow oh wow oh wow love love LOVE

  2. How wonderful are these girls and their amazing art?
    I am a happy subscriber of ‘Blue Caravan’ and discovering new artisans like ‘Little Branch’ is one of the reasons why I love it!
    x Felicity

  3. I’m a happy subscriber.

  4. ….and at the risk of sounding like a stalker, also follow you on FB.

    Fingers and toes are definitely crossed!

    xx F

  5. Caroline Windsor

    I LOVE IT!!!

  6. Naively sophisticated art. Love you girls!

  7. Beautiful art work!!love it

    thank you so much for a chance to win 🙂

  8. I also liked,tweeted and follow your blog 🙂

  9. OH! I love it! Me me me me. Pick ME.

  10. facebooked!

  11. subscribed!

  12. Love this!

  13. Already a subscriber

  14. Gorgeous, thanks for the chance!

  15. Stunning designs – thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  16. What fabulous designs! And being Australian made is always best…
    I have just subscribed by email – I look forward to more posts.

  17. Love the use of colour, gorgeous designs. How very talented she is 🙂

  18. this is a pretty darn cool giveaway ! I hope i win one of them 🙂

  19. I’m also a subscriber

  20. Amazing prints, would look great in my daughter’s house and she would love them.

  21. I’m a subsciber also

  22. What beautiful designs, so modern and fresh. I just love the lady with the curly hair and blue dress and the lady under the umbrella. I would love to do up my working desk with some of your paper like you’ve done with the desk box displaying your cards as seen above!
    Great job guys!

  23. gorgeous 🙂 Love it 🙂

  24. What great creations!

  25. As a little bird, I love the name Little Branch and love your designs. Happy to sign up another great Australian entrepeneur.

  26. I am loving these amazing illustrations….
    so unique and such intricate detail

  27. Beautiful art work! Loving each and every piece! 😀

  28. Sounds like this design duo have a wonderful chemistry – and look at the results! I love their aesthetic… layered, lots of textures, full of personality, and infused with love.

  29. Ok, you got me. i love stationary

  30. Your paintings are just divine .. the colours and the designs, the whole look. Glad to have found you.

  31. I must confess to being a little (or alot) obsessed with cards, paper, notepads etc etc and went a little mad when I saw this stuff!! Love it! Love finding products such as these 🙂 and now have signed up to blog and fb page so shouldn’t miss out on more great stuff 🙂

  32. Love their art work – beautiful & creative!

  33. So beautiful. Loved their interview – they sound gorgeous!

  34. ‘liked’ you!

  35. subscribed to the blog!

  36. Estelle Luciene

    So very very lovely. I would love to win. E x

  37. Estelle Luciene

    ‘liked’ and ‘subscribed’ : )

  38. Such beautiful designs! Love their eco ethics too.

  39. ‘liked’

  40. ‘subscribed’ stalking complete ; )

  41. Love these products and the company ethic too!

  42. how lovely – off to visit your shop now – best le xox

  43. Thanks for introducing me to another blue caravan seller I know I’ll buy from in future – just beautiful!

  44. Love the designs. Love that they are Australian. Love that they are recycling.

  45. I am a subscriber too.

  46. refreshing, gorgeous images and colour and love the personal feeling of the designs as well as the designers.

  47. going the middle way and subscribing… love the work xo

  48. Subscribed to your blog 🙂

  49. Like you Facebook.. No Doubt!

  50. I love that print and would be delighted to win it!!

  51. Would be happy to win this for my girlfriend…

  52. P.S. Have friended you on Facebook now. Thanks!

  53. I’m subscribed and a Facebook stalker too! Gorgeous print

  54. Drum roll please…

    The gorgeous prints go to:

    Em Ward
    Lily Bird
    Lili Foster
    Becci Bird

    Congratulations, we’ll be in contact soon!

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