Moselle Clothing goes Fairtrade


Moselle Clothing (QLD) has announced that it has formally committed to using fair trade cotton in all future t-shirt ranges – and it’s music to our ethical little ears!

Moselle was founded as a social business to provide a better life and a genuine alternative for women rescued from sex trafficking in Asia  – and you can now have confidence that not only their seamstresses but everyone in their supply chain has been treated ethically, and is getting a better deal.

Yep, we love Fairtrade – who couldn’t or wouldn’t?

Congratulations to Moselle for taking the big leap, and inspiring others to do the same. Three big cheers to you!

Check out the Fairtrade Australia website to find out how you can support workers around the world, or how to bring your label up to fair trade standards.

Happy Fairtrade Fortnight to you all!

Jen x


One response to “Moselle Clothing goes Fairtrade

  1. great to see clothing made with positive messages both on the inside and out!

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