Interview // Osiris Jewellery // GIVEAWAY!

Using old school techniques to meticulously craft her jewellery, Kirra Springs of Osiris Jewellery shows us the beauty of simplicity in her designs. By creating unique pieces to connect with the essence of those who wear her jewellery, Kirra is all about staying in touch with her artistry…

[Read the full interview here]


A piece that receives much adoration has made its way to our giveaway post!

Kirra is parting with this beautiful stack of ‘heart rings’ to adorn one of our lucky readers.

To enter just leave a comment here. So easy!

***Sorry folks, ENTRIES NOW CLOSED***


101 responses to “Interview // Osiris Jewellery // GIVEAWAY!

  1. All the pieces are lovely and something really original for a change – would love to win the rings!

  2. The pieces are all really lovely and have lovely feel and textural elements to them. I simply love those little stacked rings oh swoon

  3. What beautiful jewelry and I have been eying off “stacks” of rings for a while too. A lovely giveaway!

  4. Gorgeous, hand made jewellery, LOVE it. The rings are lovely. Thanks for the introduction to OSIRIS JEWELLERY…

  5. They are amazingly beautiful; I’d love to see them better.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous!! Super talented!

    lisagoneaussie (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. What a great feature, and so nicely made 🙂

  8. Anna papotto

    OMG…..LOVE this amazing beautiful 😀

  9. Caroline Windsor

    These rings are soooo yummy – I love them !

  10. simply stunning stylish stack

  11. It’s been so long since ive seen anything stylish enough to dress up an outfit, yet classic enough to wear with my wedding band without them clashing. Sounds silly, but all my rings have been gathering dust since I got married, simply because it wont ‘go’ with my wedding / engagement ring, and I cannot bear to not wear them. THIS I could wear!

  12. They are delightful, delicious and devine! I heart them and would love to call them mine! ❤

  13. They are just beautiful……..enough said 🙂

  14. Pick me, pick me!!
    I love the variations of surfaces patterns – very unique! Clever Kirra!

  15. The stack of rings and the other beautiful pieces have reminded me of my recent trip to the Tutankhamun exhibition. I especially took a close look at the jewellery… seeing the craftsmanship gave it a sense of history and of course made each piece a unique one-off and something to treasure and appreciate. This is exactly what I love about the Osiris pieces.

    Who wouldn’t want to wear this lovely stack of rings! I know I certainly would, as being 7 ½ months pregnant means my slightly swollen fingers won’t allow me to wear any rings at the moment… nor have a been much in the mood to wear anything but my trackies until it’s all over! I am itching for a make-over after this little man arrives… it would be a bonus to add new jewellery to a new outfit!

  16. This jewelery is so beautiful!! So well done.

  17. A gorgeous ethical practice, & a 1940s singer sewing machine on your dining room table? Living the dream! Beautiful work Kirra.

  18. I have loved these forever! Absolutely gorgeous Kirra !

  19. Stylish and romatic stack!

  20. Love, love, LOVE handmade jewellery, these are so precious, very pleased to have found you!

  21. Oh goodness, the stack of rings is absolutely stunning i would LOVE to win it…so inspiring to read about an artist who is so creative and passionate about her craft.

  22. To my mind there is nothing more inspiring than reading about someones passion for their craft, and kirra has that passion in spades!

  23. I loved this interview about your approach to jewellery making. These rings are really lovely and such a treat for the give away winner! I am also super happy to find someone else with the same name, spelling and all, hope you have a great week Kirra S! 🙂

  24. Juliet Steel

    There is so much jewellery made to look handmade, but Kirra
    is a true craftswoman! Such original and timeless designs.

  25. Lovely rings , would love to win them as my daughter would love them,


  26. Love her designs…the rings are already on my wishlist:)

  27. A true artisan, what a privilege it would be to own a piece so artfully created with such thought and care for the entire process.

  28. Just like food that tastes better when it’s prepared with love, I imagine anyone who wears a product of Kirra’s alchemy magic would feel, in an instant, a little more beautiful, a little more divine. Lovely interview, thanks BC for being a window the world can meet artists like Kirra through.

  29. So very beautiful. I would love to be included in this fabulous giveaway…

  30. Gorgeous! What a generous giveaway! Nice one Kirra, gorgeous work. I love a good stack! OXOXOXO 🙂 Mrs.P

  31. They look like they are my size – what a coincidence!!

  32. What a talented artist. Congratulations on jewelry that actually represents what this earth has given us

  33. What an absolutely beautiful cluster of rings! I would feel rather special wearing those! I’ll just pop on over and have a look at some of your other designs now….

  34. So beautiful and unique! I Love absolutely love the rings

  35. I have ring envy! What a talented designer-one of many on this great website! There is nothing better than Australian hand-made original pieces and Blue Caravan is the only place to find such a variety-Thanks! x

  36. theses are truly beautiful 🙂 and would look lovely on anyones fingers

  37. Wow! What gorgeous earthy pieces! The stack of rings would be a fantastic treat!

  38. Michelle Lee

    Twinkle, twinkle little rings,
    Do you know what joy you’d bring.
    If I had you on my finger,
    How I’d long to have you linger…

  39. Your pieces have an authentic loveliness about them. Would love to go in the draw for the stack of rings. Would also love to see your sewing machine………

  40. Such beautiful stuff!!!

  41. Simply timeless rings!
    Old world feel – New World twist.
    To be not only worn but admired each day.
    Blue Caravan is truly the home of unique craftmanship.

  42. Simply stunning! I love the way Blue Caravan brings unique work such as Osiris to my attention.

  43. What statement pieces, they sceam class – would love to wear these with a simple outfit to accentuate them.

  44. This is the first time i have come across the talented Kirra’s beautiful hand crafted jewellery and i must say it is gorgeous and would love to have the stack of heart rings on my finger. I may just have to purchase some of your designs for myself when my baby is finally born and my sausage fingers return to their normal size haha ❤

  45. Silver is my fav metal..before I was introduced to white gold…mmmm
    Simply elegant.
    Yes please!

  46. Gorgeous jewellery – I would love to win! So nice to see/read about uniquely made pieces when there is so much mass produced jewellery on the market – well done!

  47. christy mitchell

    i LOVE these rings. I love handmade!! The texture is amazing. Very Nice!!

  48. I love the rings and cannot wait to wear them!!!!!!

  49. I have been admiring Kirra’s beautiful work lately and I really enjoyed reading the interview. I absolutely appreciate the opportunity to win the gorgeous ring stack!

  50. These are darling – as are all of your pieces. I’m in awe at people who can take pieces of raw metal and turn them into art.

  51. Rebecca Barlow

    Such beautiful pieces! Surely wearing the rings would inspire the wearer to get creative and get busy with their own passion (and hope that some of Kirra’s talent has rubbed off on her work!).

  52. Lovely chunky forms, hand hewn forms. Yum.

  53. Wow, these are gorgeous pieces. I love um!

  54. Rachel Woodman

    They would look really good on me 🙂

  55. I am so glad I saw a mention about Blue Caravan in Home Beautiful and I followed it up by coming to the blog. I love love love design and beautiful things, but this makes me want want want all the time and I hate that. It’s so much better to have a few beautiful things which have been made without hurting the world or the people in it, than to be replacing and discarding all the time. This is my new resolution.

  56. I would love these! They’re beautiful

  57. I was only drooling over this beautiful stack a few days ago…
    …needless to say I’d love to win!

    Beautiful work!

  58. Wow thanks for the interview and what a great giveaway : )
    Nice jewelry
    Has a very 60s/70s feel – love it

  59. A ring of silver about the soft flesh of a finger is of the simplest beauty. It is a single and circular rotation that slips against the hand’s knuckle in the most natural way. Here we see, a perfect work of art. The shining bands would fit so snugly around the shape of one’s dextrous bone and skin, as if each had grown the way a vine might do along a balcony, to match the form of its wearer. Handmade jewellery forms a watery and fluid reflection of the innately human symbology that pervades the gentle passages of our internal worlds.

  60. Love Love Love the stacking rings and all your pieces. You are so very talented.

  61. I often find the simplest of designs are the best ones as they share their beauty through their subtle lines. I love the leaf pendant for this reason.

  62. What another great giveaway, good on you bluecaravan. I would love to adorn these on my fingers, they are now crossed – good luck to me !!

  63. What a gorgeous stack of rings! I would love a little more beauty in my life.

  64. So beautiful, so original. I have my fingers crossed to be lucky 🙂

  65. Angelic! I love your philosophy too x

  66. Angelic! I love your philosophy too x

  67. one word: delightful!

  68. Gorgeous jewelery!

  69. What beautiful jewellery and what an amazing lady! I can only imagine how wonderful it must be to be so passionate about what you do. I would love to be the lucky winner of those devine rings!! x

  70. How lovely – nothing is as beautiful as that which is made by hand.

  71. I do believe I have just the finger for those gorgeous rings! 😉

  72. Mary Standfield

    Just so simple and elegant…that’s the beauty of it….

  73. Such a sensual piece of jewellery. Stunning.

  74. I don’t think I could ever get enough of your works- everything you make is stunning.

  75. These rings really are truly beautiful. Such a fine piece of art xx

  76. Kirra your interview was fabulous as is your beautiful jewellery as you are too – a beautiful lady…

  77. wow. these are just beautiful, classy and classic. love them. keep up the good work. ill definately remember this name

  78. Stunning Artisian Jewellery! The passion for your work shines out in the finished product, I would love to own a piece and one day I’d like your job!

  79. Beautiful work! I love that she sincerely thinks about every step of her work, from using only reclaimed or recycled materials, to deciding against gems, to shipping in reused packaging. Excellent!

  80. Angela Ingram

    It’s all too beautiful. I’d never take the rings off! I wear my heart on my sleeve already, would it be too much to wear it on my fingers too? 🙂

  81. i am OBSESSED with stacking rings and have not yet been able to find any i like. these are just the cutest!

  82. I wonder if I am too late for the giveaway! I would love to win these!

  83. i love things that are handmade and have soul but are also that little bit different – these absolutely fit the bill!

  84. Oh my gosh, those stack heart rings are gorgeous! I’d love to enter please!

  85. Earthy and elegant. The kind of jewellery that would be a joy to treasure for many years. Me to a T!! Spot on Blue Caravan.

  86. Caitlin mansell

    So So super beautiful, love it

  87. Forget the rings! I want Betsy!!!

  88. ok, I lied… It would actually be super awesome to win those very fine rings! xo

  89. I have been waiting for the right ring(s) to find me to replace my engagement ring and wedding bands, but to wear on my right hand as a symbol of my new found independence, my tenacity, and to new beginnings… life can begin again at 45 despite being ‘traded in’ and taking 4 years to recover. I think I would give each ring it’s own meaning and wear which one I needed the affirmation of each day from my own personal mantra… now to decide which one is Clarity vs. Courage vs. Conviction vs. Creativity?

  90. I love what you do so unique and expressive of yourself. I love the fact that when you buy a piece like this you get to see the world through someone elses eyes and get lost in thought about the reason behind the design!

    I think is wonderful that you are giving away a cherished piece and I would love to enter too 🙂

  91. What gorgeous pieces! simply devine. x

  92. Beautiful work and a great interview!

  93. these rings make me think of my family: one for each member, each unique but complete together…beautiful.

  94. What a delightful treat! yes please 🙂

  95. it’s still today… am i too late?!?!?!?

  96. Drum roll please….. The winner of this divine giveaway is Caroline. Congratulations!
    I love reading all the wonderful comments, the best part of the giveaway!
    Thanks Kirra, for your generosity.
    Jen x

  97. congratulations caroline! and thank you to all of you beautiful people who commented so generously on my work. because it is my birthday on the 25th and because I love you all for taking the time to consider a response to the giveaway, I am offering each and every one of you a 25% discount on the stack ring collection from now until the end of May! mwa xx kirra

  98. these are really beautiful! thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  99. what gorgeous jewels!

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