Meet Shannon Sheedy (Dharma Door) + GIVEAWAY!

After living and working in Nepal for a year, Shannon and her partner started fair trade homewares label The Dharma Door. By designing the majority of their beautiful products, Shannon is bridging the gap between ethics and contemporary design.


How I’d love to be the owner of these gorgeous handwoven baskets (you can seeΒ them being made in the photo above).

Shannon has generously given us both the Jute Magazine Basket and Jute bowl (in either black or red stripe) to give away.

Just leave a comment here telling us which one you’d like to call your own, and you’re in the draw.




84 responses to “Meet Shannon Sheedy (Dharma Door) + GIVEAWAY!

  1. I would adore the striped basket!

  2. lovely work!
    difficult to choose but I play for the Jute Magazine Basket .
    Tnak you!!!

  3. christy mitchell

    i would love the Jute Magazine Basket

  4. I ADORE these bastkets!! The Jute bowl in either stripe would be fantastic!!

  5. Love the magazine basket. πŸ™‚

  6. These handcrafted baskets are lovely. I know just the place for one in my home, where it will be admired everyday. Would so appreciate to win one, the red stripe is my favourite. Well done Dharma Door! Xx

  7. Both items are beautiful I would love both, but maybe the striped bowl a little bit more than the magazine !

  8. I love the red one but I love them all I have 2 of them…..and would like more….x

  9. This is absolutely amazing filled! It’s so cute, perfect for picking and then putting flowers in, that would look a picture! LOVELY!

  10. aww these are pretty darn sweet ! I would chose the jute magazine basket ! for all my lovely peppermint and frankie magazines

  11. o0o0 the jute magazine basket would fit fabously in my house..i think i could even use it for some veggie collecting in the garden πŸ™‚

  12. HUGE dharma door fan! would LOVE the magazine basket. fingers xed!

  13. so so beautiful!
    great work, there should be more fair trade in the world!

  14. Mary Standfield

    They both look lovely, but i could see the black striped jute bowl on my dining table.. Good on you Shannon!!!!!!!

  15. Such wonderful designs! I love to be the owner of the beautiful Jute magazine basket πŸ™‚

  16. I’m a fan of dharma door! would LOVE the magazine basket. Hard choice though…

  17. i’ve been admiring the striped basket for a little while now, and would love to win! so beautiful…

  18. The Jute magazine basket would be awesome birthday gift for myself…oooh to be so lucky!

  19. A lovely interview, and beautiful goods with happy karma. I adore the magazine basket, but confess I would probably use it as a bag.

  20. Wow, just beautiful ! Either would be a delight but the magazine basket gets my vote ( although i already have other ideas for it πŸ™‚

  21. The magazine basket is such a glorious shape…yes, I’d pick that.
    Thanks for the chance!

  22. What gorgeous bags, i would love the striped bowl bag….go bluecaravan….yet another great competition to enter…gotta love that…


  23. Love dharma door – thanks for the article. Magazine basket, but it’s a tough choice, all of their things are wonderful!

  24. Oh wow, these are beautiful! I would love the striped bowl. Thanks to Blue Caravan and Dharma Door x

  25. I love the magazine basket!

  26. These are great! I think I’d like the magazine basket, no, maybe the jute bowl, or the magazine basket, no definitely the striped bowl. Ok, you choose.

  27. Loving the striped basket!

  28. oooh definately the red stripes! Such beautiful work xh

  29. They are both gorgeous but I think the mag holder.

  30. So good to finally see a contemporary take on traditional handcrafts so they end up bettering the lives that made them. Love the Jute bags!!

  31. Oops meant to say the Jute bowls!!!

  32. I would love the magazine basket!

    Thanks for the interview; I didn’t realise that Dharma Door do their own design – beautiful pieces, and a great point of distinction from other FT retailers!

  33. Love them both but the Magazine basket would be put to good use here. Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. I do like both of them – they’re just gorgeous! The magazine basket seems to be the most popular, but if I had to choose between them I would actually go for the red stripe bowl.

  35. My favourite is the red striped basket. Thanks πŸ™‚

  36. tricky! they’re both gorgeous and i’d have to say i’d very gladly find a good home for either of them…

  37. I love the magazine basket. I have a cascade of books, papers and magazines just crying out to live happily ever after in it. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  38. I love your products I always prefer to buy fair trade. I would really like the Jute Magazine Basket:)

  39. The magazine basket is the one for me..dont think I would use for magazines..maybe trips to the supermarket..i’m a bag lady..:)

  40. LOVE them both. Particularly love the jute bowl in red stripe though! ❀

  41. I would love the magazine basket til my dying day. Both are beautiful. Great work!

  42. Congrats Shannon – admirable work to help others. As Gandhi said – “In a gentle way you can shake the world”. Providing an avenue for these women to work for a fair wage is a hand up. Good luck.

  43. I would love the magazine basket. Beautifully hand crafted πŸ™‚

  44. Both so gorgeous, but would have to pick the magazine basket, would come in very handy… love it!!!!

  45. I love the red stripey basket!

  46. I would absolutely love the red striped bowl – my goal is to have good ethical pieces of great practical art from around the world in my home that I can’t afford to travel and buy myself – and I love love love red!

  47. They are all gorgeous! Would love the red striped bowl.

  48. I would love the Jute Magazine Basket!

  49. Such beautiful pieces of art – and ethical too! The black basket would be a treat – in fact it would make the perfect Mother’s Day pressie for me! x

  50. Beautiful work! I’d love to see the black striped jute bowl on my kitchen bench.

  51. The Jute Magazine basket would be a welcome addition in my home!

  52. These are beautiful!! I really love the idea of the bowl and the red is bright and happy. Thanks!!

  53. The magazine basket is beautiful, but enabling the Nepalese women to earn a living is even more beautiful. Well done.

  54. The raw, earthiness of these beautiful baskets combined with a great business ethic would make them very welcome in my house! Tough to pick one over the other, but maybe the stripes …??

  55. Beautiful baskets! That jute basket would look great in my family room πŸ™‚

  56. Such beautiful products and great ethics. I love the magazine basket!

  57. I’d love the Jute Magazine Basket to be Julie’s Magazine Basket! My mags, my basket! This will sit pretty in my new lounge when I move house later this year. New home, new magazine basket!

  58. Such a wonderful story behind the work… The red-striped bowl is my favourite. We had just moved house, and our fruit-bowl broke in the move… So it would be a lovely replacement, with good vibes for our new home. Lovely work, Shannon.

  59. The magazine basket! so gorgeous πŸ™‚

  60. I’ve been eyeing off these jute bowls for a while now, so would love to win one! πŸ™‚ I already have a jute shopper that I just love.

  61. They are both divine!!! Love Dharma Door. I would love the magazine basket!

  62. I would be very grateful to win the stripped bowl….any colour. What a wonderful oppertunity. Thankyou. xx

  63. Would love the striped bowl for a cute addition to my home

  64. Both are equally gorgeous but the plain one with the handles would complement my beach/ethnic decor beautifully.

    xx Felicity

  65. I love the stripey red jute bowl.
    Oh, such incredible and practical handcrafts!

  66. Like aesthetic looks of hande bags

  67. They are beautiful!
    I’d love to take home the Jute Magazine Basket.

  68. Wow! What a great interview. So inspiring. Hopefully designers like Shannon can show the way forward for other creatives. Her work is beautiful and her ethos is astounding. Shows how possible contemporary ethical can be. Love love love!

  69. Beautiful! Would love to win this for my wife for Mother’s Day. Loved reading about what this designer is doing. Great work.

  70. Love these, especially the magazine basket xx

  71. Inspiring work. Would appreciate and value the magazine basket!

  72. oooh oooh! The bowl. I love! πŸ™‚

  73. Oh, I would LOVE the jute bowl. How lovely!

  74. oohh … the magazine basket … just delicious!

  75. What beautiful baskets! I just love the red striped bowl. It’s so functional and sturdy.

  76. Tough decision! But I think the stripey one… πŸ™‚

  77. I love the magazine basket would love this in my home.

  78. The Magazine Basket is lovely thankyou for a chance to win it ,well done on your work also !

  79. Kimberley Belford

    I love the red striped bowl

  80. Love the interview, what a great woman. Love the stripes…

  81. I’d love the magazine basket for sure! What beautiful products!

  82. So lovely both of them. but for me, it’s the magazine basket. thanks for the opportunity.

  83. Congratulations to Leah Luna and KP! And thanks to everyone who entered.
    Another great giveaway is just around the corner. Jen x

  84. Shannon Sheedy

    Thank you for all the lovely comments everyone – much appreciated and very motivational! Congrats to Leah Luna and KP – we hope you love your goodies.
    Shannon X

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