interview // me and amber// giveaway

Karen and Amber are joined at the hip. They worked together, studied together, travelled together and eventually started me and amber together. It’s their bold and simple style that has caught the eye of the creative community, and has allowed them the luxury of a creative life in a successful business….


visit me and amber


How I love the giveaways!

This week Karen and Amber have given us a set of screen-printed artworks for one of our lucky readers to win. If weather in the Byron Bay Hinterland is anything to go by, the theme is perfect!

Just leave a comment here to be in the draw.

Good luck!



82 responses to “interview // me and amber// giveaway

  1. just gorgeous..
    love their work.

  2. Love the name! I’m guessing it was a constant catchphrase of Karen’s 🙂

  3. Beautiful products!

  4. So cute, love their work 😉

  5. I love ‘me and amber’. Would love to win. Thanks x

  6. Simple and Creative..just the way i like it 😉

  7. I adore these prints! Please, please, please choose me 🙂

  8. Love ‘me and amber’! I gave my mum their flamingo picture for Christmas and now she loves them too 🙂

  9. Mary Standfield

    Uber stylish – just love them and I have just the spot for them!


  11. I love the umbrella girl! The natural & stylish colours would very much suit the decor of my living room & studio. Would love to win! Well done Karen & Amber – “Amber & Me” 😉

  12. Sorry “me & amber” …

  13. Karin O'Grady

    How very sweet are these!!

  14. lovelovelove

  15. Gorgeous! Well done to both the girls on creating such beautiful products!

  16. Love your cushions and products and i would love to be the lucky winner they are perfect pieces of art I love them. Lili xx

  17. Stunning works that showcase designs on my favourite creative medium – the written word!!

  18. Love their work! Simple, creative, looks great.

  19. Leighlan Phillips

    love your work

  20. great story! and beautiful things created together!

  21. As I wait for the call from the agent to go and pick up the keys to my new house, I can just imagine where these gorgeous prints could go. It’s a cold and rainy day up here in Katoomba …

  22. Stunning, unique and environmentally conscious – who wouldn’t want to win something from their beautiful range!

  23. Who says rainy days give you the blues?

  24. this would look so nice in the caravan that i’m restoring 🙂

  25. Gorgeous. Makes these rainy days seem worthwhile…

  26. gorgeous, i love the prints…..good luck to me !

  27. Love the simple style, easy to look at and I think it would fit into almost anyone’s decor. My hubby loves the rain, he would love these I’m sure 🙂

  28. So so sweet!
    Love the rainy theme…..

  29. I love these rainy day prints. And so appropriate with all the rain we’ve been having lately! I sent my friend living in the UK a Me & Amber print of Australia. She loved it. Keep up the good work.

  30. Ooh! Love these!

    It’s been raining for 2 days here — perfect!


  31. simply beautiful and unique products. love the creativity.

  32. I love the combination of textual patterns or plain backgrounds solid outlines.

  33. Alexandra Smith

    Such beautiful products; I would buy them all if I could xo

  34. Julianne Boyle

    Amber and Karen really have the ” WOW” factor in their creations . Their imagination to design such great works of art Amazes me. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  35. Julianne Boyle

    Amber and Karen really have the ” WOW” factor in their creations . Their imagination to design such great works of art Amazes me. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    • Julianne Boyle

      oops !! sorry didn’t mean too do that twice email address was wrong 1st time and tried to fix. sorry

  36. i love the silhouette style of their work.

  37. I am a cushion fiend – its my thing – that and tea towels – i just love them! And Me and Amber’s cushions are simply divine 🙂

  38. These are glorious…. and Karen and Amber are obviously hinterland dwellers!

  39. They are fantastic. Bought lots for chrissy presents this year!

  40. These are great! I would love the chance to win!

  41. Gorgeous, just gorgeous. Love those ladies and their designs.

  42. Oooo I love these! They would go well in my little ever growing art collection. Also the fact that it is raining here at the moment 🙂 I hope I am the lucky one.


  43. Elegant and stunning works! Would really love it for my room, the colour would be perfect! Amazing art!!

  44. Love their work! Adorable

  45. Lovely prints!

  46. Gorgeous prints-I love how cushions are becoming so special…my favourite photo here is the image with that deep blue vintage book and the adorable turned in feet of the figure holding the umbrella…good luck with your online selling :0)

  47. Caitlin mansell

    Wow, so very awesome, the whole range , love the panda

  48. Simply stunning…so smooth and clear…Love them all!

  49. Lovely work!

  50. Those prints are stunning 🙂

  51. I’ve been checking out the work of Me and Amber for awhile now – it’s lovely!

  52. These are sweet. Such a lovely giveaway! Great designs.

  53. Yes please love those girls!

  54. Love your work guys! Well done xx

  55. These would look so good in my new room in our new summer house :).

  56. love it!!!
    hope i win 😀

  57. Amazing stuff! I would love to win something like this!

  58. Beautiful , unique designs, would just love to win! xx

  59. Such lovely pieces!!

  60. How unique! Thanks for a chance to win!

  61. Wow, these are fantastic! I would love to frame them and hang them on my wall 🙂

    fs4sarah at gmail dot com

  62. i like it! 🙂

  63. theyve got some awesome pieces!

  64. christy mitchell

    beautiful stuff! I hope to win!

  65. We could use more rainy days in Phoenix. Sign me up!

  66. Those are beautiful! I love their style of art!
    irishdancer2459 (@) yahoo (.) com

  67. Awesome! I love the clean simplicity.

  68. WOW, these are fabulous

  69. Oh wow!!! I am a huge fan.

    Thanks for the chance to win these gorgeous creations xox

  70. These are gorgeous….I’d love to win!

  71. R eally
    A wesome,
    I nspiring &
    N ice

  72. Love, Love, Love !

  73. Beautiful and different good luck to everyone 🙂

  74. Wow ~ simply adorable!

  75. I love Me and Amber. I have been a fan for a long time. The ‘All you need is Love’ is my clear favorite.

  76. Our sophisticated methods of choosing a winner are ever-evolving. Today it was you Lily Foster! Congratulations. Jen x

  77. congratulations lili! and thanks everyone for your lovely comments!

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