Interview: Pattie Murray + Giveaway!

Pattie Murray‘s love for the uniquely handmade brings us a range of ceramic jewellery and homewares imbued with character, charm and personality. Pattie talks to us about what she loves doing best – creating a subtle story with each and every piece she makes…


Another divine giveaway this week!

The lovely Pattie is giving you the choice. Button or Bangle?

Just tell us which one you wish was yours, and voila! you’re in the draw.

Good Luck!

***Entries now closed***


71 responses to “Interview: Pattie Murray + Giveaway!

  1. i love it all… but at a push would choose the Porcelain Butterfly Bangle…

  2. Ooh! Bangle for me…. Owls I have a certain affinity with. Did you know what the word for owl is in italian? It’s very cute – ‘pivola’ (pronounced peeevolah). Call that out next time you see an owl on your balcony… watch the response. Love Pattie’s work, so folkloric.

  3. definately the bangle. Lovely work Pattie.

  4. I’d go the bangle too – it’s gorgeous. I also love Pattie’s colourful paint spattered bowls.

  5. Bangle for sure, so sweet!

  6. Such beautiful unique handcrafted products…my wife would love the owl design on the bracelet.

  7. I love owls – but think I’d have to go button this time – gorgeous

  8. Have to be the bangle. The challenge would be who would be the lucky one to get it as a gift.

  9. I’d like a bangle for my mum for mother’s day… pleeeeease! Simply lovely.

  10. I would have to say the button would be a fabbitty addition to my collection of awesome buttons ! Yay I love this giveaway

  11. I like the cute button for sure!

  12. The beautiful button is my favourite!!

  13. I would love a button for my 6 year old daughter to give to her beautiful Mum on Mothers Day.
    What a great surprise for her to wake up to with breakfast served in bed !!


  14. They’re both lovely… but I’d have to say the owl bangle. Such lovely blue owls!

  15. How gorgeous! It’s a tough choice…at the end of a long deliberation, I’d choose the bangle

  16. i simply love the bangle it would a wonderful addition to my wardrobe!!

  17. Ohhh the owl braclet, absolutely gorgeous.

  18. I’d love the owl bangle as my nickname is ‘bird’ – for real! Not it the sexist way like ” hey check out that bird!” but in a sweet way as in ‘fragile as…a bird’ – at least that’s what my husband says…for all I know he just may be calling me a chick!

  19. Bangle! Bangle! Bangle!

  20. They’re both gorgeous, but I really love the bangle (seems like a popular choice!)

  21. Owl Bangle for sure πŸ˜‰

  22. Love the Owl Bangle !!!

  23. The owl bangle would be perfect for my gorgeous pregnant sister-in-law. Really wonderful work Pattie – totally enviable!

  24. Love the bracelet..delicate and gorgeous.

  25. Love the bangle! Beautiful πŸ™‚

  26. Owl ..bangle..perfect!!! yay!!

  27. Love the Bangle!!!

  28. Bangle for the missus πŸ˜‰

  29. I’ve collected owls since the i was little – so really, really coveting the bangle!

  30. I would so love the bangle. It is so beautiful and delicate. And its blue so it would go with most of my clothes! The whole range is gorgeous.

  31. Very hard choice, but in the end it would be the bangle.

  32. Quiet Handmade pieces that scream PURE BEAUTY!
    I choose the Porcelain Owl Bangle – is handmade uniqueness as its best!Eco Eco, Ethical & Eclectic!
    love your work!

  33. a pure celebration..

  34. BEAUTIFUL BANGLE!!! Thank you, Pattie! πŸ™‚

  35. tough choice but TOTALLY in love with the owl bangle…fingers xed!

  36. Both are adorable but love the bangle. Its just too cute

  37. I love the owl bracelet. Sooo whimsical and so beautiful.
    Great work Pattie. Keep making us smile.

    (said like Homer says Bagel)

  39. Both lovely. How clever. I do like the owls though πŸ™‚

  40. Definitely the bangle…who doesn’t love a really cooooot owl
    (lame attempt at owl talk)

  41. How precious- a ceramic bangle would be divine- and the little owls are so cute!

  42. Bangle Please!

  43. While I would love to win the button, my skills of craftiness prevent me from turning into the much wanted brooch, so the bangle it is!!

  44. Got to love a couple of owls.

  45. I love your work and I would like a bangle please

  46. I absolutely adore that button. The blue and white patterns on your work are divine.

  47. Well that is a difficult choice they are both beautiful.

    I would love the button. Thanks for the chance to win one of your gorgeous pieces xox

  48. The button is so very sweet and I always love how a special little feature like this very button can lift an entire outfit from obscurity.

  49. Ooooooh! That’s a tricky decision! They are both so very pretty!
    I am thinking I might like the ring if I won… or the button?
    …nope, the ring.

  50. bangle.. button.. bangle.. button… bangle.. that’s it bangle. both beautiful! but the sweet little owls go with the night owl in me methinks. mx πŸ™‚

  51. Totally a case of Eeny Meeny Miney Moe – but I would have to say the lovely owl bangle. Love your work Pattie. ❀

  52. both beautiful i would love to know how they are made!
    annnd bangle please!

  53. michelle forbes-mitchell

    I love the button……so so sweet.

  54. The button would make a great feature, but the bangle could be worn everyday and thus I would choose the bangle. Beautiful!

  55. The bangle I would love πŸ™‚

  56. ‘owl’ was the nickname my late father gave me, and blue is my all-time favourite colour…so it must of course be the bangle.

  57. I would love the bangle for ME for mothers day:)

  58. Oh that owl bangle is beaut!

  59. What a treat the chance to win one of Pattie Murray’s beautiful ceramic pieces……. I’d have to say that I love the bangle!!!

  60. the bangle please! hoot β™₯ β™₯ β™₯

  61. I’d love the bangle – absolutely gorgeous! πŸ™‚

  62. I love the bangle….everyone can see it and enjoy it out in the open..

  63. I’d love the bangle! How cute πŸ™‚

  64. Mary Standfield

    I’ve just bought a lovely blue jacket which would look great with the gorgeous blue owl bangle!

  65. How have I not ever seen Pattie’s work before? It’s so cute. I love the bangle.

  66. The owl bangle is my choice because the bangle to me represents the artists passion and love of her work. Pattie has expressed part of herself in this bangle, it is beautiful stylish and a unique piece of craftsmanship.

  67. Fantastic work Pattie, I love the bangle.

  68. Am I too late? I thought I left a comment but I must have imagined it. The owl bangle is beautiful. I would love to win it. Such beautiful work. (the button is gorgeous too)

  69. I’d go bangle, it’s so classy and cutitified!

  70. The bangle! Love love love it

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