A project… or two.

There’s a new site I’m drooling over called Pinterest.  How did it take me this long to find it?! While I *should* have been doing something else, I found these great little projects to share instead. The potential for distraction at this treasure trove of ‘things people like’ is severe and I’ll be creating my own pin-board over there pronto!

[Megan Hamer via Paul Rosenblatt] The original caption with this photo asks if it is ‘recycling’ or if it’s ‘destruction’. I would say that depends. Lets just imagine they are all… say… David Hasselhoff records.

[Marine Loiseau via Lisa Russo] Just a bit of love to a pallet from the back lane and… voila!

[Sarah Hannevik]  The difficulty rating has just dramatically escalated, but these are amazing!

[Marine Loiseau via Monica Smith] Who could have thought you could do that with toilet rolls? Me, personally, I don’t know if I could come at adorning my home with them, but you must admit…


12 responses to “A project… or two.

  1. I waste far to much time on this site. It’s just beautiful and I love how I can curate my own boards.

  2. I love these selections
    great colorfull pics 😉

  3. Sonja von Franck

    I don’t know… That toilet paper roll piece is pretty fantastic! I originally found your blog by clicking on the record butterfly installation – but would be much more prone to recycling toilet paper rolls than 45s. Thanks!

  4. and that is how I reached here! :))

  5. How do you cut the records?

  6. Do you have the original link to the record post? Is there a how-to?

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  8. the butterflies have likely been hand-cut, some people use a laser cutter, but you should NEVER cut vinyl this way as it gives off a toxic fume.

  9. susan whitburn

    Great stuff,want to see more

  10. Really dislike seeing stuff that I cant remake myself. Thats just showing off.

  11. OK I LOVE them! H ow do you make them??????

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