Interview: Sandra Dumais + Giveaway!

Canadian designer Sandra Dumais talks to us from her home and studio in Montreal about starting up organic baby range Moon! and Sparrow, the challenges of running a new business, and the freedom that comes with departing from a traditional working life…

[Le Renard! Organic Onesie in Mustard]

[Le Castor! Organic Onesie in Cinder Grey]

This week’s giveaway is compliments of the lovely Sandra Dumais.

Just leave a comment here telling us who the special little person is you’d like to slip into to one of these Organic Cotton Onesies, and the size/s you’d like – and they could both be yours!

(both available in sizes 3-6, 6-12, 12-18 months)

Share Moon! and Sparrow’s giveaway on Twitter and / or Facebook, post the link here and voila! – another entry.

Good luck!

Jen x

**Entries now closed**


62 responses to “Interview: Sandra Dumais + Giveaway!

  1. my new little Banjo would look amazing in one of moon and sparrows beautiful organic onesies definitely a 12-18 months so it will last him for ages.

  2. I love the little heart dresses in three pretty colors

  3. Our friend has just had a wee bub, Noah. He is such a sweet little vegemite and size 3-6 would be such a perfect fit and make him look so dashing! Noah’s mama is working hard with a newborn and a toddler.
    This Moon and Sparrows sweet little onesie would be such a grand gift from an Ausadian (Australian/Canadian friend.

  4. For Bodhi- Bohdi means Prince and he is one in 2 days- his mum Mel only clothes him in organic cotton and the like, even tho they are not well off she is strongly principaled and will not compromise on clothes, toys etc that are just junk ansd unethically produced, so when I saw this I thought immediately to go in this drawer- by the way, beautiful gear you have, Francesca.

  5. Hi, I’d choose 12-18m for my beautiful niece Ariya.

  6. emmy! (short for Embryo) Due April 3rd! Sex unknown, but already loved like heck. Any size!

  7. I love these! I’ve seen them somewhere, though I can’t remember where. Maybe one of the local cloth diaper shops? My little man would look awesome in any one of these onesies! He wears 12-18months.

  8. My little Olivia Rose would look too cute in one of Sandy’s designs….

    3-6mos please so she can wear it in the summer!
    I shared this on facebook…
    not sure how to show the link..!/aurahertzog

  9. Little Finley is 16 months and loves Moon and Sparrow, so does his Mom!

  10. My baby is due in July. I have been quite the eco mummy. So far I’ve done all bubs shopping at op shops and on ebay. I have been looking around at organic cotton and bamboo, but the cost of these tiny clothes has blown me away. If I were to win one of these onsies, it would be the first brand new item of clothing my as yet unborn child yould recieve. Size 3-6 months please.

  11. Little Joe would look lovely in one (or both!) of these gorgeous onesies. I loved reading the interview with Sandra, and I LOVE her original designs. Isla x

  12. So cute! I love them. My best friend has just given birth to the most divine little creature (not yet named) and I think organic cotton is definitely the way to go.

  13. The designs and the colours are beautiful. I would be so happy to win them for my little baby Audrey. Thank you!

  14. I am privvy to a spunky little bubba-nephew with a sweet button nose and cheeks that beg to be kissed constantly…what a bit of fun to enter a competition for him…6-12 months xx

  15. Mandatory Entry:
    i would ship one to my daughter and one to my neice- my daughter has eczema – i find that organic cotton is very good for this condition
    Anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com

  16. Kaya Lilly loves Moon and Sparrow and Ms. Sandy. She gets down with 12-18 months. Yeah for homemade goodness!

  17. I think King would rock Le Renard! and I’s send the other to my girlfriend in Sweden who’s due with her little boy in April! i heart moon and sparrow. Sandy is an inspiration!

  18. I’m a newly pregnant “bluenoser” in absolute awe of the many beautiful handmade items produced by Montreal artisans (looking at you Sandra Dumais). I would love to sport some eco-wonderful Canadian wear on the East coast- any size(s). โค

  19. For my friends baby ‘Jordi’ who was born 12 weeks prematurely and still battling away to come to full term as I type. These onsies would be a beautiful gift and would symbolise the triumph and miracle that he is once he makes it home and can fit in to proper baby clothes! 3-6 months would be great, thanks.

  20. My neice and nephew Ella and Louis would look gorgoeus in Sandra’s organic cotton onesies. Having to purchase 2 of everything makes it a bit difficult to buy outfits as beautiful as this.

  21. My brother is about to have his first baby and is not much into natural or organic products. I would love to win these for him to show him how easy (and adorable!) it can be.

    I know nothing about babies or their sizes, but perhaps 6-12?

  22. Oh joy! These are just too cute for words. I’d be putting mine aside for the birth of my friends baby, who is due in March. I’ve been looking forward to his/her birth for 9 months as it means I get to cuddle a newborn again!

  23. My little daughter Edie Primrose would look lovely in these unique onesies when were out and about on our lovely picnics that we so enjoy with family and friends. I would say a size 6-12 months would fit her, but I don’t mind a 12-18 months either ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Beatrix, my new niece, such a cool little person. She has very cool and funky parents so this would go down a treat as a present from Auntie : )

    Any size would be brilliant

  25. I would like to give these to my friend who is just about to have a baby! So any size would be lovely, as her little one can grow into them!

  26. My friend has just had a little baby boy and one of these gorgeous onsies would make a great present! Any size would be great. Really cute illustrations!

  27. Would make a wonderful gift for my little niece or nephew to be. Any size. ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. My little one is still growing inside me, and let me toell you – boy or girl, he/she WILL be wearing these gorgeous onesies if I win! Yaaay!
    So size 3-6 months please so I don’t have to wait too long to get bub into them!

  29. These are so beautiful! Yes, it is hard to buy baby clothes are are both cool and functional. I’d love to give these to my new little niece Luciana.

  30. So beautiful. My little bun isn’t yet born – but I would love these in the smallest size.

  31. Oh wow super cute, I would love to spoil my 2 week old son with this! I also shared your link on my Twitter Page ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. My darling 6 month old boy Brenden would love one of these, they look so cute and I’m sure he’ll look even cuter in one ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. My couison has just had a cute wee boy called Hunter. He would look gorgeous in this. Size 3-6 months

  34. I would be putting my little girl Layla Jane into one she is due in 3 weeks ๐Ÿ™‚ so the smallest size would be awsome.

  35. I have shared this cool giveaway on my facebook page
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    cool little giveaway!
    Interview: Sandra Dumais + Giveaway! | Bluecaravan
    Canadian designer Sandra Dumais talks to us from her home and studio in Montreal about starting up organic baby range Moon! and Sparrow, the challenges of running a new business, and the freedom that comes with departing from a traditional working lifeโ€ฆ
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  36. Renee Rutherford

    I love these! My littlest girl Alexa has just turned 1 – she’d look divine in the 12-18 month size (plus having beautiful clothes to reuse helps my case to have another beaut baby!!!)

  37. My friend has a one-week-old Mr Handsome (so 6-12 months for planning ahead!), these are so sweet!

  38. My cute little man, being a prem baby, at 8 months he is finally filling out his baby clothes & now mummy can relax a little since he’s putting on weight. Winning these adorable onesies (6-12 months) would be the perfect way to celebrate our milestone! P.s – I love the colours, bets non traditional blue & pink! ๐Ÿ™‚

  39. My son Borys from Montreal, would look so cool in those ! He is a size 12-18 months !

  40. My little sister is having her first little one in the near future – the first son/daughter, the first nephew/niece, the first grandbaby, the first great-grandbaby! I hope we can dress little Simba (his utero name) in such adorable, ethical onesies!

  41. My girlfriend’s baby would look so cute in these onesies! I’d want one of the two larger sizes–she’s a big girl.

    Thanks for the chance to win!


    ejm6x (at) yahoo (dot) com

  42. OK, these are adoreable! I would love to fit my new little nephew in one of those sizes 3-6. He would look so fashionable and comfy cute!

  43. I’d get these for my friend’s new little one….about to be born ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. My daughter Norah would love to represent these! They are so cute. She would be a size 12-18 months.

  45. Tweeted

  46. These onesies are awesome – fabulous graphics. My best friend just had a baby boy and these would be perfect!

  47. Adorable! Love the onesies! My son will love these size 12-18 month.

  48. My baby would love these moon and sparrows onesies!

  49. My son would love this onesie! I hope I win!

  50. Alexandra Andrei

    I’d gift my little nephew with these, cause he’s a 1-year old cutie, you just wanna eat him! ๐Ÿ˜€ + I’ve also shared your lovely giveaway on Twitter:!/alex_supergirl/status/39453973744189440

  51. would love to give them to my closest friend who is about to give birth and is to far away to enjoy a newborn in person. am thinking the 6-12 months as everyone seems to get so much stuff for the very beginning…fingers xed!

  52. These Moon! and Sparrow onesie’s are so rad!
    My little boy would love to have Le Renard in his wardrobe.
    Size 12-18mths would be fantastic!
    Fingers crossed! x

  53. This would be perfect for my new little a 3-6months size. Perfect for her to grow into!

  54. My first nephew was born on Christmas, I’d love to give him these onesies in 3-6 month size.

  55. ms(dot)verymarried(at)gmail(dot)com

    would love to give these to my many friends who have recently have kids or will be having kids very soon! one in the 3-6 mos and one in 6-12 mos

  56. I would love to win this for my son in the 12-18 month size.

  57. I would choose a 6-12 month for my darling son ๐Ÿ™‚


  58. I have 2 little angels to decide which one will get it so I guess it will depend on the size and if all else fails I’ll have to draw a name from a hat!

  59. Here we again, at the end of another giveaway!
    I love the bit where someone wins…
    The little robot at has done his gargling one more time and come up with a random winner.
    This week it’s Rebecca. Congratulations!
    Will post another one shortly. Stay tuned.
    Jen x

  60. I love these onesies! I would choose the 3-6 month ones for my dearly awaited new little girl, Estelle.

  61. I have yet to meet my little one. He or She is on their way and soon to arrive at the end of July. I hope to give him or her the best of what my husband and I have to offer. Baby…daddy and I can’t wait to meet you.

  62. Ohh, my little niece or nephew that is due next month would be the one to get this! I’m so excited I can’t wait to cuddle up with them and dote on them with lots of great gifts like this one,

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