Giveaway with Epheriell!

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Jess Van Den of Epheriell experimented with science, teaching and arts before discovering that silversmithing satifisfied her soul. She now works full-time developing her 100% recycled silver jewellery range, as well as self publishing crafty/vintage zine *Bespoke*.

Jess has given us this divine pair of Long Raindrop silver earrings to give away to one of our lucky readers.  Just leave a comment here telling us which piece in her store is your fave – and there’s an entry!

Share Jess’s giveaway on Twitter or Facebook, post the link here – and there’s another entry!

How I love hosting these giveaways… Good luck!

Jen x


69 responses to “Giveaway with Epheriell!

  1. ooh the giveaway earrings are definitely my favourite, but i love the cloud necklace too!

  2. i love the raindrop necklace and the long raindrop earrings.
    i have been a fan of jess’ work for a while now….
    fingers crossed


  3. The list of favourites is long… I feel guilty selecting just one. But if I have too, let’s go with the Tri-Metal Stacker Rings. Gorgeous.

  4. I’ve always loved Jess’s work. The cloud necklace is so gorgeous. I’ve got a thing for clouds. I kind of want to live on top of one.

  5. All the clouds are pretty, But I really like the oval necklace. It’s just such a unique way of interpreting a pendant.

  6. Sterling and crystal earring are my faves 🙂

  7. I have been a fan of Jess’s work for a while – especially the Balance earrings!

  8. I own a pair of Epheriell earings already and I wear them everyday!! Perfect for sensitive ears too!! I love her cloud necklace and her cloud earrings!! Super awesome and will send some more your way!!

    xo Steph (MooBear Designs)

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  10. I linked you on the FB shout out! with Epheriell

    xo Steph

  11. Oh YAY! A yummo giveaway PLUS!!!
    I’ve been eyeing off the cloud earrings for a while now! I’m a sucker for clouds 🙂

  12. Every cloud has a silver lining and I love these silver cloud earrings. I would wear these earrings on days that I felt a little down or indecisive to remind me of that saying!

  13. I can’t go past a good ‘Embrace’! I will return when I’ve spread the word for another shot-doubt I’ll stray far from the Embrace…just a softie at heart and your jewellery is quite a heart throb!

  14. Wow – everything is amazing! I like the simplicity of the raindrop necklace – and you can’t go wrong with those cute little cloud earrings!

  15. I love the tri-coloured metal rings, and the silver 3 stacker rings….yes i have a thing for rings…good luck to me for the ear rings…

  16. My favourites are definitely the cloud earrings. They are beautiful, simple and remind me that I am free as a cloud!

  17. My favourite would have to be the raindrop ear-rings, closely followed by the long necklace with raindrops. I love simplicity and the contrast of gentle curves and aero-angles created with the sharpness of silver.

  18. Oh i love them all but i particularly love the Embrace earrings 🙂

  19. I like her cloud earrings the best, they are so cool and unique just a cloud with a silver lining.

  20. The square hoops are really original. I bought the embrace earrings for my sister and she loves them!

  21. silver spirals! a lady complimented them while we were lining up at the coffee cart. and i like hearing the wind gush through them on really windy days.

  22. Janes Schou- Clarke

    Am in love with the loop necklace. So simple and elegant and gave never found one where I can add all the charms my family overseas always send! Beaytifully made, very clever design!

  23. Easy.
    That perfect oval necklace.
    You know the one, it’s been handformed, soldered, hammered, sanded and polished to perfection!

  24. PS Shared the link on Facebook.

  25. How cute and unique are the earrings! Never seen a design like that, I like!
    The cloud earrings are super cute too

  26. Sorry to keep sending messages, but, see, the only things I’ve ever won were a colouring in competition (grade 2) and a BBQ chicken (at a pub, when I was 19 and, from memory, quite peckish…)
    I’m not sure if you can see my FB page, but the link is there…
    I promise.

  27. I love the Cloud earrings. They would dress up any outfit.

  28. Ooh, I was hard pressed to pick my favorite Jess piece…I love all her jewelry!! My favs have got to be the “Necklace. Long-Style Squares. Recycled, eco-friendly Sterling Silver”… it’s just the most elegant necklace. Although, her wedding bracelet is simply devine!
    Thanks for the entry, Jen! Thanks for the donation for the giveaway, Jess!

  29. Lovely organic shapes here – but by far my most favourite is the descending necklace – lovely womanly curves – would be a great gift to an expectant mum….

  30. Another one for the cloud necklace : )

  31. Nothing sad about those raindrop earrings! They’re beautiful, and guaranteed to brighten up any day!

  32. That’s almost too hard!
    I bought the coin pearl necklace (and earrings) for my mum, and almost didn’t give them to her they are so gorgeous. But I have recently fallen in love with the wrapped circle necklace, and I can see that being added to my wares shortly. ~T

  33. Ooh! Necklace Cloud Necklace Cloud Necklace Cloud!!!

  34. OHHH the leaf earrings are so beautiful!!! I love them.. and they would be my pick from the store .. except I cant choose between them and the cloud earrings which are super cute in a classic simple way!

  35. Mary Standfield

    I love the necklace with the 2 hearts entwined – reminds me of my 2 little girls!

  36. My favorite earrings are the long raindrop earrings

  37. Hi! My favourites are the silver spirals. I just love the freeflowing design of Jess’ pieces.

  38. I love Jess’s work! I adore the cloud necklace and ring and earrings. There is so much to love really. Ooo I hope I win!

  39. I love the sheer elegance and simplicity in Jess’s designs. My favorite is the embrace earrings .

  40. seems like theres alot of love for the cloud earring i love them too

  41. Beautiful creations! The “Inverse” earrings are my favorites.

    Thanks for the chance to win!


    ejm6x (at) yahoo (dot) com

  42. Loved the store!! My favourite item is the Sweet, delicate, small handforged hearts necklace!! Loved it

  43. I LOVE the cloud necklace! It’s adorable! 🙂

  44. My favorite piece in her store is the raindrops earrings!


  45. I love the “sweet, delicate, small handforged heart necklace”! Thanks!

  46. I love the Inverse earrings – thanks so much!!

    ang_vaughan at yahoo dot com

  47. I love the Inverse earrings!

  48. Love the Inverse earrings!

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  49. Very nice…love the cloud necklace too!

  50. My fave’s are the ones right here – the teardrop earrings…so pretty!

  51. I like the embrace earrings

  52. I love the Inverse earrings. I have always been an Inverse kind of person.

  53. love the infinity wave ring, soooo cute!

  54. I love the Necklace Long-Style Raindrops, very unique and romantic!

  55. I tweeted about this giveaway!

  56. Wow! Those earrings are so simple and yet so beautiful! I also like Inverse Earrings. They look very original 🙂

  57. I also tweeted about this giveaway (qwerty 221) I clicked on the re-tweet button. Not sure how to post a link to that.

  58. I’m loving all the comments! Jess will this be the beginning of a cloud super-range?

  59. i like the delicate heart necklace

  60. They’re all beautiful! I especially love the Inverse Earrings. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  61. The Silver Spirals are my favorite I wear them heaps. I just purchased 2x Single White Coin Pearl and Sterling Necklace for Honorary Aunty gifts I am so very excited about them!

  62. Thank you to all who entered Epheriell’s giveaway. I wish it was me who was about to own this gorgeous pair of Jess’s earrings. has gargled the numbers – and Peta Marks – the little robot has picked YOU.

    I’m so pleased that we have helped you finally win something. The beginning of a winning streak?

    Thanks again to Jess and Epheriell for providing such a beautiful prize… jx

  63. Oh – and happy valentine’s day!! jx

  64. I love the Sterling and crystal earrings suelee1998 @

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