Meet Brianna Peterson…


A chat with Brianna Peterson of Mrs Peterson Pottery…

From   her  little  studio  in  the  Blue  Mountains  ( west  of  Sydney )  Brianna Peterson designs  and  creates  a  beautifully  cool  and  quirky  range  of  porcelain jewellery and  homewares.  Brianna  chats  about  her  pottery,   radio  show  and  a handmade life...

BC: Firstly, I just wanted to say how pleased we are to have you on the site  – how has your Bluecaravan experience been so far?

Brianna: It’s been really supportive and motivating! It’s so wonderful having people from all over Australia contact me about my work. I get stuck into my studio and it’s just me and my radio. I forget that people are out there looking at my pieces on-line. The magazine interest generated by Bluecaravan has been unexpected too. I have several features coming up before Xmas and that is SUPER EXCITING.

BC: Tell us about Mrs Peterson Pottery.  What / who inspires your work?

Brianna: Hmmm. Definatley inspired by my inner child! – and all the young artists that are part of the new pottery scene… It’s is an exciting time for the ceramic comeback!

The story beind my pottery? I started making the kind of things I wanted to see in the shops – that’s it in a nutshell really. I have an obession with stamping and print relief, so clay was a perfect medium for me. I looked everywhere for the type of homewares I had in mind and couldn’t find them… So I started making them myself.

BC: What did you do before Mrs Peterson Pottery?

Brianna: I thought a lot about making pottery! Some fine arts study… and lots and lots of travel.

BC: When you’re out of the studio what are you doing?

Brianna: I also produce a children’s talk-back show for the Community Radio Network called Kid’s Caravan. It’s so interesting to hear how kids interpret the world, their understanding of their physical and social environment, and the way they can neatly and confidently sum up complex issues. We can all learn a lot from them!

Apart from that I’m working on my sound production and computer skills… Hanging out with my True Love and being a general dork.  I spend quite a bit of time inventing new dance styles and thinking about all the different ways I can change the world to make it more fun.

BC: What are five words that describe you?

Brianna: Firey, talkative, funny, positive, kind…

BC: What celebrities would you like to see wearing your jewellery?

Brianna: Defiantly SIA. Umm… Claudia Karvan – my earrings would look perfect on her… Julia Stone – something cute for her… and of course a contemporary piece for OPRAH when she comes to visit – then of course I could sit back and become a pottery multi millionaire…

BC: What is the one thing you couldn’t live without?

Brianna: Good people and good music. The good people in my life give me hope and inspiration, and great music can always put me into a good mood. I’m listening to a lot of SIA and Old Crow Medicine Show among other things… I LOVE listening to music when I’m working…

BC: What CD is in your stereo right now – no cheating.

Brianna: Phoenix – catchy tunes by some awesome French guys…

BC: Reading?

Brianna: …I was just given a book for my birthday called Brida by Paulo Cohelho and I’ve read six pages in two weeks. I’m a busy girl! But in the studio I religiously listen to a podcast of This American Life produced by Chicago Public Radio.

BC: What is the last ‘ethical’ product you purchased, and what do you love about it?

Brianna: Peppermint Magazine. Apart from the content – I love how that eco paper smells!

BC: Who is your favourite other Bluecaravan seller? Why?

Brianna: Two of my fellow ceramic artists (Kanimbla Clay & Elm Designs) are also Bluecaravan sellers and I LOVE their work. A seller that I love and don’t personally know would definately be Epheriell. Jess’s jewellery is so stylish and her blog is full of exciting new updates all the time.

BC: Lovely to chat with you Brianna…thanks for the virtual cup of tea, and goodluck with your Bluecaravan store!

Visit Mrs Peterson Pottery

6 responses to “Meet Brianna Peterson…

  1. gorgeous work… and i’ve got a serious eye on those dear little salt and pepper dishes.

  2. What beautiful work by Brianna! And I’m LOVING Bluecaravan. Cx

  3. I loved reading that article! Brianna is gorgeous and her work is too. Might have to beat you those little salt and pepper dishes Mariana!

  4. …I especially love the stamped porcelain. Beautiful work.

  5. Great interview. Love Brianna’s work, and that’s such a cute pic of her too!

  6. Great interview! She sounds so cool 🙂 She matches her work.

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