Who wouldn’t want to live in a Tree House?

I have daily dreams of the eco house that I will build one day. My love for such things has me in the midst of a sustainable design degree, but with a new little (blue) caravan in the family, it’s on the back-burner for the moment…

I think it’s telling that so many eco building principals are considered cutting edge when they are largely forgotten building fundamentals that we at some point put into the ‘archaic’ box. Orienting a house correctly, using solar or wind power, building with locally sourced materials, waste water for the garden…  And of course a little bit of downsizing goes a long way.

As seems often the case these days, it’s largely about going back to basics. But with that in mind, there is a whole lotta room for innovation…

For me? I’d rather be well and truly on the ground, but who can’t resist the childhood lure of a tree-house?

Hanging Treehouse Eco-Sphere by Free Spirit SpheresThis ‘Eco-ball’ hanging tree-house is made from handcrafted fibreglass and locally sourced timbers. You can buy one from Free Spirit Spheres.

Takasugi-an, a tree tea house by Terunobu FujimoriA tree-house above the trees. Takasugi-an is a tree tea house by Terunobu Fujimori. The translation is literally “a tea house too high” (via Eco House Film).

Entirely made from recycled materials… Have the urge to get back to nature? Get one from O2 Treehouse

…and the tree-house compound. (via Funster)


6 responses to “Who wouldn’t want to live in a Tree House?

  1. Reminds me of the wonderful Shel Silverstein poem.
    Tree House.
    a tree house , a free house , a secret you and me house
    a high up in the leafy branches cozy as can be house
    a street house.. a neat house.. be sure to wipe your feet house
    is not my kind of house at all
    lets go live in a tree house.

  2. where is the tree house village?

  3. I’m swooning for the tree house above the trees….

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  5. WOW! I’m in love with them all!! If only …

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