Ethical Clothing [in] Australia…

We are most honored to have Ethical Clothing Australia as a friend and supporter of Bluecaravan. It’s so exciting to watch their space, and to watch their list of accredited brands grow.

By looking for the ECA label you know that you are buying fashion that has been fairly made in safe working conditions.

Bluecaravan works with the philosophy that ‘ethically made products have a quality like no other’ – and by looking for products that have been warmed by the good intention of independent designers, artists and artisans you are making a vote against cheap fast fashion – which makes its way to us at a huge (human) cost.

It also affirms the position that these designers have made not to chase huge profit margins by moving their production to off-shore, or locally outsourced sweat-shops. Hoorah for them!

Otto & Spike and Monkey And The Brown Man are both accredited by ECA. Look out for them on Bluecaravan soon!

Otto & Spike

Otto & Spike

Monkey and the Brown Man

Monkey and the Brown Man


2 responses to “Ethical Clothing [in] Australia…

  1. hey jen, loving the blog, but i do need to also say that not all designers who go off shore are chasing huge profit margins, we at beej are passionate about ethical production, and this does not mean we are making a huge profit on our garments, adding to this we give 50% of our profits back to the communities that we work with. it is such a shame that there is not an organization that will put us under its ethical umbrella.
    love your work

  2. Hello Lovely Meg!

    Yes, you are absolutely right – there are indeed many ‘uncertified’ ethical labels that use fair production overseas – I was making reference to sweat-shop labour.

    By not being Fairtrade certified, and not made in Australia, you definitely fall between the ‘certification’ cracks which is a great shame as the work you are doing in India is more than amazing.

    Consumers are however becoming more educated and becoming more sophisticated in discerning what is ‘ethical’ and what is ‘green wash’.

    Hopefully Bluecaravan provides an ethical avenue for you – and we can’t wait to see the images from your latest photo shoot!

    Jen x

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