The art of Upcycling II.

…and beyond the fashion world,  meet some upcycling extraordinaires of another kind.

“Optical” by lighting designer Stuart Haygarth. This chandelier is made out of 4,500 lenses from prescription eyeglasses

"Annie" chair by Reestore. Transformed from a decomissioned shopping trolley

Your old skateboard decks turned into a stool by Deckstool

upcycled spray can light pendants

Spray can light pendants by Zek

upcycled bathtub lounge

"Max" by Reestore


3 responses to “The art of Upcycling II.

  1. i can’t thankyou enough for finding me on twitter. i am so totally in love with your site it’s not funny. love your work! 🙂

  2. Hey thanks! Now we just have to multiply you by the thousands! So nice to get the feedback, as we are very new and just finding our on-line feet.
    Jen x

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