The art of Upcycling.

Reclaiming and operating on something that is terminal, or cleverly improving the longevity of it’s usefulness… is what we modern folk refer to as ‘upcycling’.

We all know what it means, but it can be called by another name – particularly when it happens in that private haven known as ‘the shed’.  My *handy* partner added a wire handle to an old flower pot, which is now called a peg basket. Is it functional? Yes. Is it, y’know, lovely? No – but it does hold the pegs, and the rain does drain out the bottom…

The upcycling innovation at our place may not be extraordinary, but it is good.

Meet some designers who have turned the humble act of re-purposing into an artform..

Rummage Style


Heidi & Seek

Ashley Watson


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