Hello Ethical Fashion!

We are in the middle of the Rosemount Australian Fashion week, and this time around it’s not just about the glitz, glamour and errr… underweight models.

Ethical Clothing Australia have made their debut into the fashion world, and have emerged with two new feathers in their cap.

Ginger & Smart

Lisa Ho

Lisa Ho and Ginger & Smart have successfully completed the accreditation process that now allows them to carry the Ethical Clothing Australia label. This means that their garments are Australian made, and all those involved in the making of their garments did so with fair pay and in safe working conditions. Strange that we need to cheer this achievement, but sadly we do. Woo Hoo!

The newly re-branded Ethical Clothing Australia (formerly no-sweat shop label) are a not-for-profit initiative assisting labels in gaining ethical certification… and we are happy to say that they are a proud supporter of Bluecaravan. You can check out their website at http://www.ethicalclothingaustralia.org.au

Happy fashion week!

Jen x


9 responses to “Hello Ethical Fashion!

  1. What about Purepod? They have been producing sustainable and ethical clothing made in Australia from their very first range in 2007.

  2. Hi Kathy,

    Pure Pod is great, and so are loads of other ethical indie labels. It’s just not all that common for the bigger labels to be conscious of where/how their garments are being made. Hopefully that culture is starting to change…

    By the way… I’ve been trying to contact you! The email on your website bounces back.


  3. I have looked into the website, this is fantastic!
    As an emerging design label in Canberra, ACT this is going to be a great resource for me.

  4. Hi Jen,
    This is true, it is not common for the larger fashion labels to be eco & ethical and hence when they do so they get alot of publicity. Lets hope that this does contrubute to a change in fashion industry practices as you said. This is why blue caravan is so good because you do support and celebrate various indie labels that have always been eco and ethical. Fashion is such a tough industry to survive in and I would like to see sustainable labels such as Pure Pod getting loads more publicity and support.

    Just checked the email address on my website, it’s working. Sometimes junkmail wreaks havoc on this particular email address and creates a meltdown. Soon to be fixed when website renovation takes place.

  5. Hi Kathy, Hopefully Bluecaravan will be a great resource for those indie ethical labels. Our intention is to bring them together in order to bring them into closer view.

    …and great to get your feedback Andie. jx

  6. Hi Kathy,What a great ideas for this Hopefully Bluecaravan for those indie ethical labels.

    Fashion is such a tough industry to survive in and I would like to see sustainable labels such as Pure Pod getting loads more publicity and support.

  7. Hi Carter and all Blue Caravan readers,
    Thanks for bringing our attention to this site Kath and thanks for the comments Carter.
    I am Kelli Donovan from Pure Pod, I am the designer and founder with my partner Sean Watson.
    Yes the clothing trade is very hard, as Carter said, especailly trying to manufacture in OZ with ethical fabrics and makers and trying to keep our prices down so people can afford them. Most of our product is sold whole sale and we make a very small margin on them manufacturing this way. We are passionate about keeping the OZ industry alive and keeping our manufacturers, printers, cutters, pattern makers in their businesses but we sacrifice a lot personally to do it. Most average consumers do not realise how much work goes into making garments and making them well and not in huge quantities.
    We have a beautiful group of followers who support our brand and love our product. Here’s cheers to them for supporting a local brand and local workers in this crazy fashion industry 🙂 It makes my day when they ring or email me a let me know they love their Pure Pod products.
    Keep a look out as we are about to launch our full web site and shopping cart so it is easy to for everyone to read about what we are doing, our stockists and to buy on line if they wish.
    There’s no a perfect way to manufacture yet but are working on it for the health and stability of our planet and future generations.
    Love Kelli
    Pure Pod

  8. Hello Kelli, So great to hear from you.

    Yes, it is a huge struggle – and this is tied up to the bigger picture which feeds people’s expectations to get it all cheap.

    My motivation to start Bluecaravan was to create a venue to step away from that, and to showcase the sense of the ‘warmth’ that comes from products that have been created without the use of slave labour.

    Designers who have a genuine regard for their product, and a genuine regard for the people that bring it to life – develop pieces that have a quality like no other.

    I would think that we do all care about the people that make our clothes, and to me it’s one of the greatest mysteries that we have been able to collectively turn a blind eye to the reality of sweat-shops, and what the fashion industry directly does to millions of offshore, and outsourced home workers.

    I’m always inspired to meet ethical designers, and I know that sacrifice you all make to take this path.

    It goes without saying Kellie, that we would love to have you on Bluecaravan. It’s is on my list of things to do, to come down to the Industrial Estate and invite you personally. That goes for you too Kathy! I love what both you inspired ladies are doing.

    Jen x

  9. Hi Jen,
    Thanks for the reply 🙂
    We are now located in Lennox Head. We moved from Mullumbimby. Check out our site for the details if you wish to come and have a look. It would be great to meet you.

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