We’re live!


little red lantern


Bluecaravan went live’ last week. Hoorah!

My ‘little project’ has turned into a rather large one, and has taken much much longer than ever anticipated…but we’ve made it… with some work still left to do.

With our gorgeous ad in ‘Dumbo Feather…pass it on’ coming out last week, we thought is was a good chance to let you all have a look around to see what we’ve been up to.

Make sure you subscribe to the blog, or register your account on Bluecaravan to get the updates on our progress.

I can’t thank enough the initial designers and artisans who have come along for the ride in these most early days of Bluecaravan. These lovely people have had faith in a project that they couldn’t see until recently.  They have given their precious time to become our ‘pioneer’ sellers, and have been most patient with the process. We love you! You can see who they are here.

I feel so very lucky to have found myself in the midst of a truly inspired, welcoming and open community who have given me advice, support and encouragement to move ahead with Bluecaravan. The very first of which was Sally from Georgie Love.

As far as I know Sally was the trailblazer in creating an Australian  commercial on-line space for quirky independent art and craft. She answered my questions with generous detail despite the fact that our businesses would cross over on some level.

Her attitude was that  building a  community and moving it ahead was not about ‘competition’. It is about supporting each other to develop a niche and bring the world of handmade & independent design into closer view. A woman who truly believes in what she does. Thank you for your help Sally!

We hope that you all love Bluecaravan as much as we do. If you feel so inclined, leave us a message and tell us what you think.

Jen x


6 responses to “We’re live!

  1. It’s looking lovely…. Yah!

  2. looks fantastic – go the caravan!

  3. Oh boy, you must be proud as punch – I just stumbled upon your website and it’s just lovely.

  4. Such a welcoming caravan.. I’ll be visiting often!

  5. …thanks bloggers. We are (finally!!) just putting the last lick of paint on the ‘van this week. OK… maybe it needs one last coat, but we are nearly there! jx

  6. Lovely website! Congratulations on going live. Wish you very good luck 🙂

    So Ethic, Melbourne

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