all wrapped up and ready to go… well almost.

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It’s taken the better part of the past year, but Bluecaravan is all wrapped up and about to be revealed on the online highway…

We are amazed by the enormous support from within the design community, from amazing artists and artisans (and from patient family members) in getting Bluecaravan trundling along.

There are a number of sites out there promoting the loveliness of handmade products, but Bluecaravan is a world first in creating a venue for contemporary handmade, ethical and fair trade products that you can buy directly from both emerging designers and established independent brands.

We expect few people to visit us for a token ‘ethical’ guilt purchase. That’s not what we are about.  Bluecaravan promotes all things  interesting & lovely, edgy & urban, quirky & cute – all wrapped up in a warm glow!

We aim to create a venue for people to buy the things they love, and to feel good about what they buy.

Just a few more long, long days and we’re away. Look out for us in this Month’s Dumbo Feather… pass it on.

Jen x


4 responses to “all wrapped up and ready to go… well almost.

  1. Can’t wait!!! Let us knowwhen it’s live baby! xxx

  2. well done jen – u’ve done an amazing job to bring your vision to life!
    site looks fab!

  3. it looks fabulous! i love it, lots of loveliness x

  4. wow wow wow -go Jen.Love it love it love it-so proud of u.Its a winner.

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